About Us

Buying jewelry may be a minor matter for some, but for the average consumer, it is something they only do after careful planning. That means the need to have something to go by – suggestions, recommendations, news, and other types of information.

Our blog contains periodically updated posts that let you learn more about diamonds than most people normally know. That includes people who only just remembered about the engagement ring they were supposed to buy inside a week for their beloved. For such people as well as others, there does not need to be any shame in admitting ignorance about diamonds; unless you are a in a related trade, there are few reasons to stay in the know. What one must not do, however, is fail to use all available resources to ensure a good purchase.

We can be that resource for you. Using valuable information including tips and insights into gemstones, as well as into jewelry in general, we can help you pick out the one perfect ring that suits all your preferences, as well as your wallet. For instance, you can learn how to choose the right gem cut to match the size and shape of your finger, so that you have something to wear that goes well with your personality and wardrobe. Other than that, we also lay out the different facts that every consumer should know about the diamond industry, the trends it embraces, and how to spot good pricing from a short glance.

Our articles make it easier to understand the various components of G.I.A. terminology, and how these affect the ultimate grade which a stone receives. Of these, the 4 C’s are the most important, in that they decide the subjective worth of any stone, and decide its value in today’s market. Prospective buyers who have faced frustration in the past owing to a lack of this kind of knowledge, could gain tremendously from checking out what we have to say each week. It all comes down to our mission of empowering diamond and jewelry buyers to make the smartest decisions when they go shopping.

All diamonds are exceptional, but this also means some will always be better than others. In a market filled with spurious sellers out to rip you off, knowledge and caution are the best things to carry with you at all times. Rest assured that we have you covered in that regard.

January 10, 2019