Diamond Promise Rings For Girlfriend Promise Diamond Rings

What is a Promise Ring and What Does it Stand for

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Promise diamond rings are for those who want to show their commitment to each other and keep the exclusivity as a young couple. The rings symbolize the promise made between lovers to remain committed, loyal, and only for one another. While once a custom to denote their status prior to the engagement, promise rings are becoming much trendy among unmarried people who are in a relationship these days.

While diamond promise rings for girlfriend is one way to look at it, exchanging them can be a sign of commitment not linked to love but friendship as well. Besides, gifting a promise ring to your wife can indicate the promise to live a lifetime together.

If they are not indicative of the promise of a marriage, promise diamond rings are worn on the left ring finger first, replaced by an engagement ring and a wedding band when the occasions come along. Further, friends wear promise rings on the ring finger of the right hand to avoid any confusion that they are engaged or are in a serious relationship.

Sometimes, promise rings do not feature a center stone. If a gemstone exists as the centerpiece, as in promise diamond rings, it is usually smaller than that of a diamond engagement ring.

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