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Everything To Know About Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion Cut Diamond Ring
Trillion Cut Diamond Ring
Trillion Cut Diamond Ring

When we hear about diamonds, we may think of a round stone with a brilliant sparkle. But there are various other types of cuts which are also splendid just like a round cut diamond, and Trillion cut is one among them. Trillion cut has the shape of a triangle when looked at from the top. If you want an alternative to a traditional cut diamond ring, a trillion cut diamond ring can be perfect for you.

The modern trillion cut diamonds have the shape of a triangle with three equal sides and the number of facets ranges between 31 and 50. Different variations of trillion cut diamonds are available. These variations include round-cornered curved trillions, modified shield cuts, and triangular step cuts.

Nowadays, the modern trillion cut diamonds are used as accent stones as they can complement the bigger center stone; however, they also can be used in a solitaire setting. Engagement rings, stud earrings, pendants, and other jewelry with modern trillion cut diamonds are also available.

Next, let us discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with a trillion-cut diamond.

Trillion-Cut Stones Look Larger

When compared with a round cut diamond of the same carat weight, a trillion cut diamond looks bigger. This is because trillion-cut diamonds are shallow and wide.  If you want a diamond with a larger table area, you can definitely consider a trillion-cut diamond. When you buy a trillion-cut diamond, make sure that it is not extremely shallow. Such diamonds look bigger, but the low depth can seriously affect the brilliance of the diamond.

Trillion-Cut Diamonds Are More Prone To Chipping

A trillion cut diamond has pointed edges and chipping can easily occur on these sharp edges. So if you buy a trillion-cut diamond, you have to be extremely careful. The chances of chipping increase even further if the diamond is set loose in the ring. The prongs can protect the diamond from chipping. It is advised to set trillion cut diamonds in a V-prong. The V-prong wraps the tips of the diamond and can offer good protection.

Regular Cleaning Is Necessary

Trillion-cut diamonds are shallow and as a result, they have less depth to reflect light. Dust on the stone can further diminish the stone’s brilliance. Moreover, trillion cut diamonds can entrap dust in their nooks and corners. This means you will have to clean the stone more often to enjoy its beauty and brilliance.

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