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The Pros and Cons of the Bezel Diamond Ring Setting

Bezel Engagement Ring
Bezel diamond ring
Diamond Ring Setting

Diamond ring settings are one of the significant aspects that can directly affect both the security and visual appeal of your sparklers. There are numerous diamond rings settings available such as prong setting, bezel setting, tension setting, bar setting, cathedral setting, pave setting, etc. You can select the right setting by considering the type of diamonds used in the ring as well as the style of the wearer. Note that the bezel diamond setting is one of the most prominent options that are perfect for showcasing a vintage yet stylish appeal at the same time.

In the bezel diamond setting, the main gemstone will be encased by metal frame. Note that there are two types of bezel diamond setting; full bezel setting and partial bezel setting. In the former option, the metal frame tends to run along the entire perimeter of the diamond whereas; only two opposite sides of the diamond will be coved by the metal casing the latter setting. If you are wondering whether or not a bezel diamond ring is the right choice for you, it is ideal to contemplate on the following pros and cons of the bezel diamond setting.

The Pros

The diamonds will be well-guarded in case of a bezel ring since the metal frame tends to secure your valuable diamonds from every angle in this setting. Evidently, bezel set diamond rings will be a great option for all the people who lead an active lifestyle since the diamonds are secured from chipping, scratching, and other external shocks here.

Another advantage of choosing a bezel diamond ring is the internally flawless appeal it offers. It is to be noted that the metal frame that runs along the rim of diamond tends to mask the inclusions at the sides of the gemstones giving it an internally flawless appeal.

The Cons

  • Unlike most other settings, the diamonds will be encased by a metal frame in the bezel setting limiting the amount of light entering the stone. Hence, the light performance displayed by bezel set diamond rings will be really poor. Furthermore, the setting tends to make diamonds look smaller than their actual carat weight by covering its sides.
  • Since the amount of metal required to design a bezel ring is more, it will be way expensive than other settings such as prong, pave, tension, channel, etc. Plus, it requires more expertise to craft a bezel metal setting. In fact, the labors will have to design individual bezel frames for different gemstones, unlike prong setting. This extra work, as well as the demand for skilled labors as well, adds to the overall cost of bezel diamond rings.

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