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Diamond Ring Setting

Most diamond ring buyers will be familiar with the significance of diamond ring settings. Apart from ensuring the security of your sparkler, different diamond ring settings tend to reflect the personality as well as the lifestyle of the wearer. Of course, the style and personality of people may vary and hence, there are around 16 different diamond ring settings in order to define different personalities. One of the most popular options that will look stunning on both traditional as well as stylish people is the pave diamond ring setting.

As the name indicates, a number of tiny sparkling diamonds will be paved on to the metal bands of the diamond rings in this setting. Basically, small diamonds, which are also known as melees, will be gently inserted into the tiny grooves on the metal setting here. However, these grooves will not be visible to the viewers. Furthermore, tiny diamonds will be set on the diamond ring band, so close maintaining minimal spacing between them. Plus, each diamond will be set in place by means of mini prong settings in order to ensure extra safety.

Usually, pave setting is used on diamond ring bands so as to highlight the beauty of the center diamond to the fullest. On top of that, this setting let the diamond band create an illusion of sparkling circle around the finger of the wearer. If you are wondering whether or not a pave diamond ring is the right option for you, it will be wise to go through their pros and cons listed below.

The Pros

  • Accentuates the center diamond to the fullest
  • The layer of tiny diamonds on the band tends to boost up the overall bling quotient of the ring
  • A great option to enhance the appeal of poor quality center stones
  • Ideal to carry both vintage and trendy diamond ring designs.

The Cons

  • Even though the melee diamonds are secured well, you cannot rule out the chance of losing the side stones over time. Hence, pave diamond rings will not be a great option for the people who lead an active lifestyle. Note that options such as a bezel diamond ring or a channel ring will be ideal for such people. However, the sparkle of a channel or bezel ring will be way less when compared to pave rings.
  • It will be really challenging to resize your pave-set diamond rings since the gemstones are set so close and tight.
  • The prongs employed in the pave set diamond rings are likely to snag on your clothes and other fabrics, making it hard to handle.

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