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Why Should You Choose Bezel Setting Over Prong Setting?

Bezel Ring
Bezel Ring
Bezel Ring

The prong setting is one of the most commonly used settings in engagement rings. This setting holds the stone in position using small claw-like structures which are called prongs. A lot of people specifically choose this setting, as it offers more visibility to the stone thereby allowing the entry of light. Hence, this setting can be suitable for people who want their engagement ring to be shiny.

However, you might have to compromise the safety of your stone for a shiny ring, as the prongs can get loose over time thereby greatly increasing the chance of losing your diamond. Additionally, the prongs can snag on materials like clothing which can easily damage your stone.

So, if the safety of stone is important to you, then it is better to choose some other settings that can offer more protection for your diamonds. A bezel setting can be a great option in this case, as it can offer maximum safety for your stone by encircling it with metal.

Bezel Setting

In a bezel ring, the metal will surround the entire circumference of the stone thereby offering great protection. This can reduce the entry of light, hence, a bezel ring will be less sparkly than a prong setting. But this can be a great choice for people who value the safety of their stones more than anything.

If you want to enhance the brilliance of your bezel ring, then you can go for a half bezel setting, which partially covers the stone. This can increase the amount of light entering the stone thereby enhancing the sparkle.

Choosing a bezel setting instead of a prong setting can offer you many advantages. Some of them are listed below:

Holds The Stone Securely

This is the most important advantage of choosing a bezel setting. It holds the stone securely to the band. So the chance of losing your stone is extremely low.

Offers A Modern And Sleek Look

Even though a bezel ring is less sparkly, it can offer a stylish, bold, and modern look for those who wear it.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

As bezel rings do not involve prongs to check and clean routinely, it is comparatively easy for you to maintain this ring.

No Snagging

This type of ring won’t snag on clothing or other materials. Hence, you can wear it comfortably even if you have to engage in strenuous activities with your hands.

A bezel setting can also help to hide the flaws of the stone and give maximum protection for your diamond from damage.

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