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Precious diamonds need to be shielded well, no matter what style or pattern the ring demands. You are investing a lot in the jewelry, so you must make sure to secure it from all sides possible. Bezel set is one of the perfect channel settings, which goes hand-in-hand with this purpose. Moreover, bezel set engagement rings are quite a wide choice considering their many advantages.

What are Bezel Set Rings?

Bezel set rings are not much different from other ring settings, instead of the fact that a metal shield surrounds the stones entirely here. The shielding can be plain or decorative; that depends on the requirement of that particular design. In addition, the shielding may be partial, or complete with scalloped, straight, or any edge shaped.

What Makes Bezel Rings Special

The shielding nature itself makes bezel rings feel secure and different from the traditional prong setting of stones. Accidental knocks by using them every day is never an issue in case of a bezel set ring, as the metal safeguards the center stone from every side. Besides, the setting also seems notably cleaner for its appearance. You can even further secure the stone from getting dislodged with cameos and cabochons.

What Pattern of Rings Blends the Most with Bezel Cut?

Bezel cut rings are seldom styled into the bridal set with diverse designs. Pear shaped garnet bezel set diamond of peach color in a rose gold band would be especially attractive. Other styles include milgrain edged blue sapphires with round cut brilliant diamonds, which can make a beautiful eternity band. The real beauty of bezel cut rings is captured in a two-tone hybrid pattern with rose gold bezel and white gold prongs.

Why are Bezel Rings Preferred as Engagement Rings?

Cameos, cabochons, and such flat-backed stones are mounted in the bezel setting to make an offbeat engagement ring. Oftentimes, diamonds and other round gemstones are set in bezel setting for engagement rings. They are usually chosen by those buyers who love to move in a simple manner.

What Traits Should Be Noted While Purchasing a Bezel Set Ring?

It is always better to buy a bezel cut rings from an expert jeweler. Otherwise, the cracks that may have emerged while setting it on the rings will be awkwardly visible. Once you purchase a bezel ring, it is advised to keep them clean, as there is every chance of dirt depositing to the tiny crevices, if it is not maintained properly.

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