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Brilliance In Diamond- What This Dimension Of Diamonds Means

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For anyone who has an inkling of what diamonds are all about, or are in the move of purchasing a diamond would have had their run-in with the 4Cs. A simple search on the internet, of the “important things while looking for a diamond” will give you the 4Cs and it is widely regarded as the flag bearer in understanding and grading the quality of diamond pieces and diamond rings alike.

More than often the 4Cs have been regarded as the go-to point that most customers keep themselves well-informed with. However, with this age of information and customer being well-informed about their diamonds, the issue of trust among consumers is of concern. Diamond retailers have had the task of helping customers see the true beauty and character of the diamond. This is when the ‘light performance’ can be the saver while you on the sales floor.

Brilliance- Seeing The Light

Brilliance is defined as the intense white light that radiates from diamonds. Unlike other gemstones, a diamond’s appearance is very much influenced by the way in which it interacts with light. When light rays enter a diamond, it refracts and bends. The light undergoes multiple such internal refractions within the lattice of the diamond structure and the light then exits to find way to the viewer’s eye. Every diamond interacts differently and there is no one single route map.

The reason for this difference is because of the difference in size, type, location of its various inclusions and flaws, the way it is cut and finally polished. In essence, no two diamond interact with light the same way- each diamond is unique!

However, the way in which we can control the brilliance of diamonds is simply in the way it is cut. This is why it is said that the diamond’s cut can make or break its brilliance. When a diamond is brought from the depths of the earth, a pro diamond cutter analyses the best way in which we can maximise the natural properties by using the right cut on it.

The Hands Of The Diamond Cutter Holds The Magic

The eye for detail and experience go a long way in determining how well a diamond cutter is able to bring out the best of a diamond. A diamond that is badly cut loses its shimmer and looks dull and unimpressive. As for the consumer, make sure that you talk to a gemmologist before making a purchase, and don’t just blindly buy. After all, there is no better way to steal a show than flaunting a brilliant cut diamond ring.

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