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Both yellow gold and white gold have their advantages and relative disadvantages. When it comes to choosing between the two, it is a personal preference that drives most people’s decision. You like the warm golden or the cool silvery look of gold. However, if you are unsure or like both variants of gold, then there are some factors which could help in the decision.

Pros and Cons of White Gold

White is a more common gold color, and it looks particularly good on nearly everyone’s finger. So if you are planning to propose someone and have no clue what your sweetie likes, then it is often a safe choice. Below are some of the pros and cons of rose gold.

It is Platinum at a Cheaper Price

White gold looks almost the same as platinum, but you can get the former for a much lesser price than the latter. Besides, there are many elegant gold engagement rings with sparkling white diamonds.

It is a More Durable Gold

Compared to yellow gold, white gold lasts longer, thanks to the alloys combined with it. White gold will not get dinged or scratched as easily. Therefore, it may be a relatively better option than yellow gold for active people.

It Needs More Maintenance

The rhodium plating upon the white metal gets worn down by years of use. Over time, you will start to notice the light yellow color of gold coming through. Therefore, every few years, you will need to get white gold re-dipped in rhodium to make it look brand new again.

It May Cause Irritation to Sensitive Skin

This gold is mostly combined with nickel to get the paler color. Therefore, if the wearer is allergic to nickel, the person could have a reaction and blisters or rashes. If possible, find out whether your lady-love is allergic to it before purchasing a white gold engagement ring for her.

Pros and Cons of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold looks particularly flattering on tanned, olive, or darker skin tones. The metal is vintage and timeless.

It is Also Great for Those with Vintage Taste

The yellow metal with a warm luster looks particularly good on vintage ring settings. It is not easily imitated (in contrast to white gold, which appears like sterling silver and platinum).

It is Not Difficult to Maintain

You do not have to get yellow gold dipped in something every few years. Take normal care of a yellow gold ring, and it will keep the shine of the metal. You just need to soak yellow gold in warm water and mild soap mixture and dry it with a soft piece of cloth.

It Gets Scratches Relatively More Easily

One cannot just take a ring to a jeweler to make it look fresh again. If the intended wearer is very active, then 18 Karat gold might just be too soft for them.

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