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Everything You Need To Know About Topaz Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Most of you may think of a blue stone when you hear the word topaz, but they are available in other colors too. In the engagement ring market, topaz rings are getting more popular. Many people are considering them an affordable alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings. Another popular trend is to use topaz rings with diamonds of smaller sizes. This is a cost-effective way to provide your engagement ring with a unique and stylish appearance.

In this article, we are discussing topaz stones, the reason for their popularity, and their major pros and cons. Let us first discuss what topaz is and what its features are.

About Topaz

The name topaz has an interesting story behind it. The name came from an island in the red sea called Topazios. The interesting fact is that this island never produced this gemstone. The gemstone produced in Topazios was actually peridot and people confused peridot with topaz stones.

 As you may know, topaz is a gemstone that can be used in a variety of jewelry items. The blue color is the most commonly seen with topaz stones, but other colored shades like orange, yellow, and green are also seen in these stones. The color is not caused by its chemical composition but is the result of the crystal structure defects and impurities included in the stone.

Topaz is a stone that can easily attract people who love colored stones. Its vivid rich blue color can instantly catch anyone’s attention. Diamond rings combined with topaz stones are a visual treat to jewelry lovers.

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of a topaz engagement ring

Topaz Engagement Rings: Pros And Cons

The affordability of a topaz stone is one of the main reasons why many people are considering them as their engagement ring stone. When compared with diamonds, topaz stones are far more affordable and these stones are a huge relief for those who cannot afford to buy an expensive diamond ring. With current technology, high-level polishing can be done on topaz stones which make them sparkle brilliantly.

The major drawback of a topaz stone is its poor durability. These stones can get scratched easily and are in no way as durable as diamonds. But if you are careful with the stone, you can use them for a long time.

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