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It will be a dream of almost every woman to flaunt a huge rock on her finger on the special day. Hence, most people may go for high carat diamond rings when they plan to propose to their better half. Sadly, such sparklers come with a huge price tag that most people will not be able to afford. Thankfully, you can tackle this issue easily by considering the expert tips given below.

Carat Weight

The first thing that you must know is the exact definition of carat or which carat size is regarded as big for diamonds. Basically, a 1-carat diamond engagement is considered as the standard option; the ones with carat weight 3 to 5 as bigger ones; and the ones above 5 carats as extremely large ones. Out of these, the ones that range between 2 and 3 ct will be ideal for almost every person. Such diamonds will look pretty large and decent.

Some people have a misconception that larger diamonds means flattering appeal. Yet, the oversized diamonds may sometimes ruin the overall beauty of your engagement ring. For instance, emerald cut diamonds will look bigger than its actual carat weight. So, emerald cut engagement rings of 7 ct will be really huge and it will probably look awkward on your fingers.

Popular Carat Size and Settings

Another tip is to stay away from popular carat sizes such as 1 ct, 3 ct, etc. It is to be noted that it will be almost impossible for people to figure out the difference between a 2.96 ct diamond and a 3 ct diamond. However, the price of the latter one will be way higher when compared to the former.

Similarly, the settings of your engagement play a major role in enhancing the size of your center diamond. That is, the diamond rings settings that expose more surface area of the stone will make it look bigger. In other words, it will be ideal to consider a prong, cathedral, or tension setting, rather than going for a bezel set diamond ring for bigger stone appeal.

Colored Stones

When it comes to big diamonds, you cannot compromise on any of its quantifiers or the 4 C’s, since it will be really evident. So, it is better to consider colored diamonds in which the clarity grade does not matter much, because the color of the diamonds will hide them. Nevertheless, make sure the diamond is devoid of inner cracks or chippings.

Here, choosing the color of diamonds is really significant; you need to choose the ones with vivid hues. In the case you cannot afford them, consider the color enhanced ones.

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