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Points To Consider When Buying Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald-cut diamond engagement rings have become popular in recent years because they are celebrity favorites. One of the major reasons for this is the elongated shape of the stone which can make it look bigger than stones of similar carat weight. Apart from this, its vertical facets with mirror-like effects give it a glamorous look loved by brides. Besides, this cut is considered classic and elegant, and always liked by jewelry buyers and designers. The purpose of this article is to look at things to consider when buying an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

The Emerald Cut

The emerald-cut diamond is not the brightest of the diamonds on the market, and this is mainly due to its large parallel facets. However, people still buy it because it is beautiful, and has an elegant look that complements the slender fingers of women. Above all, it looks larger because of its large surface.

Things To Look When Buying Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The most important factors to consider when buying emerald-cut diamond rings are the 4Cs of diamond quality. Among these, you must specially consider the clarity of the stone. This is because the way the stone is cut allows flaws to be more visible. So, experts generally recommend buying an “eye-clean” diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ratios

The two ratios that you must consider when buying emerald-cut diamond engagement rings are the length to width ratio and the depth ratio. Most people prefer stones with a ratio between 1.45 to 1.55; stones within this range are rectangular. But if you want a more squarish center stone, then you can go outside this range.

The depth ratio of emerald-cut diamonds influences how light is reflected. Unlike the length to width ratio, there is the best range for depth ratio that reflects the most light. The depth percentage that is recommended by experts is from 60 to 70 percent of the stone’s width.

The Cost Of Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds can be more expensive than other shapes because they are rare. Depending on the quality, a 1-carat diamond can cost between $1,400 to $6,000. Also, because they look a bit larger than other diamond shapes with similar carat weight, you can opt for the lower carat weight.

These are the important points that you need to know when buying an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

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