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Meghan Markle has made the three-stone setting more popular, but now there is a new trend on the market. Two stone engagement rings are a spin on the classic three-stone style. That means two things: these are on-trend pieces which, unlike what the Duchess of Sussex rocks on her finger, are very modern. If a non-conventional engagement ring is what your lover wants, this is a style she will like. Here are some two-stone styles to consider for her.


This style has a gem at both ends of the metal band, which can wrap around the engagement ring finger. The band is sometimes closed and gemstones are set apart for the open-ended look. Other styles feature a split-shank with a gemstone apiece on both splits of the band, facing each other. This one has a lot of variations, and it is just one kind of two-stone engagement ring design.


The asymmetric two-gemstone ring can take on two different variations. The gemstones can be of two different shapes, can be set facing two different directions, and have different settings, or include one polished cut and another raw diamond. This is an extremely unique choice that can symbolize many things, such as the past and future of a couple, their different yet well-matched souls being together through good times and bad times, among others. It will get people talking for sure.

Big and Small

Another popular two-stone ring style is one that features a bigger gemstone alongside a relatively smaller one. A tiny gemstone on top of an even bigger one makes an elongated effect, which will look great on her finger. There are a lot of designs, which accentuate the look through delicate band detailing or unusual settings. Choosing a colored gemstone for the smaller one makes this look even more stunning, non-conventional, and modern.

‘Seeing’ Two-Stone

This is a two-stone engagement ring, whose arrangement resembles the appearance of the eyes. That means the two gemstones in this style are set so close to each other that they look similar to the human eyes. When it features a perfectly matching design and setting, this style is one to die for. There are also plenty of Art Deco engagement ring styles with two matching gemstones in intricate settings. If encircled by a halo of diamonds, it looks more glamorous and gives the appearance of one big diamond.

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