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Diamonds are considered with great devotion and value when it comes to the union of two people. It has remained a celebrated tradition to exchange diamond engagement rings for ceremonies. As a result, their costs are also among the highest in the jewelry market. Besides, certain marketing strategies by those in control of the diamond industry mean that diamonds are quite expensive. However, there are a few ways to get budget-friendly diamonds, some of which are discussed below.

  • Accept quality exchanges that come at a lower cost. Picking a diamond ring that has a slightly yellow shade, something smaller, or a diamond with more number of inclusions, can bring the expense of your ring down to your finances.
  • If you purchase a used artificial diamond ring, vendors will normally agree to a smaller amount than retail. Hence, you might be able to save an extra 20%. You should be careful of frauds and check the quality of the product before you buy. Lab grading reports can be a major help in this procedure.

In case you are willing to sacrifice the appearance and strength of diamond, you could save much more by getting a diamond simulant (a stone that looks like a diamond). Potential choices available are Cubic Zirconia, White Sapphire, Moissanite, and White Topaz.

Do the Lab Created Diamonds Stay True to Their Value?

You will generally need to sell a used diamond ring for a lower price than what you paid for it. Otherwise, you have to keep it for quite a long time. Even after this, due to the ongoing inflation, you will probably suffer a loss. You will need to sell at a similar sort of discount that you would do with a natural diamond. Finding a buyer may take even more time.

Is it Possible to Understand the Distinction between a Lab Created Diamond and a Mined Diamond?

The two diamonds will be indistinguishable even under magnified vision. They have identical physical, optical, and chemical characteristics. You have to test them thoroughly with complex and specific hardware. Huge grading labs have the appropriate equipment for this sort of testing.

Above Ground Diamonds

This is a term used to refer to lab-grown diamonds. They are also called cultured, synthetic, manmade, or created diamonds. On the other hand, the diamonds mined naturally from the earth is called ‘below ground’ diamonds.

Consider the above tips if you are looking to get diamonds at cheaper rates.

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