Diamond Ring

What Reduces A Diamond’s Worth?

Beautiful Diamond Ring
Beautiful Diamond Ring
Beautiful Diamond Ring

Every single beautiful diamond ring that you lay eyes on has a unique story behind its glitter and sparkle. Different diamonds have different internal characteristics from shape, size, and color. With uniqueness comes different values and price tags attached to it. Rarity is one of the factors that decide the worth of a diamond. The rarer the diamond is, the higher is its worth. The scarcer the resource, the higher is the price for it.

The value of any diamond is no joke as it is watchfully arbitrated by experts in this field. As a matter of fact, there is a systemic way to evaluate the factors that diamonds have, because how else would be separate two diamonds that are unique? The commonly used system to navigate through the price chart is using the 4C’s which are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

The Reasons That Could Reduce The Worth Of A Diamond 

If you have tried to resell a diamond, the worth of it in terms of the crisp notes you will get for it is dependent on a few things. Let us take a look at some of the things that can lower the value of diamonds:

  • Having scratches on the surface of the diamond can reduce the price of the diamond. Although these scratches may not be visible to the naked eye, they stand out like a light in the dark when seen under a lens.
  • Blemishes on the diamond.
  • Inclusions in the diamond.
  • A small diamond with a low carat weight.
  • If the diamond is common, then the price it can demand is not high either.
  • Diamonds with unclear color, or that which is yellowish, brown.

How To Maintain The Worth Of A Diamond?

Handle the diamond sparingly – that is the most significant way on maintaining the worth of all diamonds. Diamonds attract grease and aren’t the easiest to clean. Whenever you touch the diamond, the natural oils that are secreted by your skin, smudges on the diamond surface which will affect its brilliance.

Clean the diamond using a degreasing solution. The best one to use would be water that has a few drops of mild dish soap. Do this twice a week. You can make use of a special soft bristle brush that is meant for diamond and other jewelry, to remove any stubborn particles of dirt that are not supposed to be there.

Be gentle, and handle the diamond ring with care even if it is the hardest known substance on Earth!

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