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While you search for diamond online, you might have come across different terms like natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. There are two types of diamonds available in the market. Natural diamonds are formed under the earth’s crust over billions of years through natural processes. But a synthetic diamond is artificial and developed in a laboratory. In this article we are dealing with synthetic diamonds in detail. This article will help you to learn more about lab-grown diamonds.

Appearance of a synthetic diamond

Most people believe that synthetic diamonds are fake. But this is not true. A synthetic diamond has the same physical and chemical properties of a natural diamond.  They also look identical to a human eye. It is really difficult to distinguish between a natural diamonds from lab grown diamonds as they are similar in appearance.

How synthetic diamonds are made

Unlike the natural diamonds which are formed in the earth naturally, synthetic diamonds are created inside a laboratory under controlled conditions. It needs high temperature and pressure for the formation of a natural diamond. This condition is artificially created in a lab to develop a synthetic diamond. Element carbon is placed under high pressure and temperature to form a diamond crystal. Another method used to create a synthetic diamond is called chemical vapor deposition. Here a small seed of diamond will be grown to a larger one by adding more layers to the small diamond inside a chamber.

It takes only less than a month to develop a synthetic diamond by either method, whereas formation of a natural diamond takes billions of years. Lab-grown diamonds often need some additional treatments like irradiation or heat to change or enhance their colors after the growth process.

How to distinguish a synthetic diamond from natural diamonds?

It is not possible to differentiate between a natural diamond and synthetic diamond with naked eye. Even an experienced jeweler may not be able to distinguish a synthetic diamond from a natural one. Therefore, some special equipment is needed to find out whether a diamond is natural or lab-grown.

If you are planning to buy a diamond, then you would want to know whether it is natural or artificial. For this, ask for its certificate. A certificate issued by certifying agencies like G.I.A. will indicate if the stone is natural or synthetic.

Advantages of synthetic diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds. So you can get a diamond at more affordable prices. Another advantage is that they will have fewer inclusions. As such diamonds are made under laboratory conditions; the chance for having inclusions is low. So you can get a flawless diamond at a lower price when compared to a natural diamond.

Where to get a synthetic diamond

You can find synthetic diamonds both in stores and online. There are large numbers of online diamond retailers who sell synthetic diamonds. So the next time you plan to buy diamonds search for a store that sells synthetic diamond online.

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