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Baguette cut and emerald cut are two of the stunning diamond ring cuts that most modern brides love to show off. The main attraction of these diamond ring cuts is their elongated profile and unique step cut patterns that offer a mirror-like reflection rather than a scintillating sparkle. So, people who adore vintage or sophisticated diamond ring designs often consider a baguette or emerald cut diamond ring.

Because of the similarities in the cut pattern and outline, most people confuse a baguette diamond ring with an emerald cut ring. However, there are many notable differences between these two diamond ring cuts. Some of those important differences that you may refer to while choosing your gemstone are given below.


Baguette cut diamonds are characterized by their elongated and rectangular silhouette. These diamonds became popular during the Art Deco period, when the clean lines, geometric patterns, and straight lines were all in vogue. Unlike emerald cut diamonds, baguette cut stones feature octagonal corners.

When it comes to emerald cut diamonds, the shape can be either square or rectangular. The bold shape of emerald cut diamonds was actually invented to enhance the color intensity of gemstones.


Baguette cut diamonds come with 14 traditional facets and flat tables that contribute to its reflection properties. These gemstones tend to offer the best sparkle under dim lighting. On the other hand, emerald cut diamonds flaunt around 58 facets like round brilliant and princess cut stones. However, the former does not offer the same brilliance as that of the latter options because of its unique step cut.

Emerald cut diamond ring designs will be a great option for all the couples who admire vintage diamond ring styles with a twist of modern minimalism. At the same time, baguette cut stones are perfect for those who want to steer away from traditional options.

Use in Jewelry

Baguette cut diamonds are ideally small and elongated. Hence, they are commonly used as diamond accents rather than the center diamond. In addition, the shape and brilliance of baguette cut stones are ideal to accentuate any diamond shape at the center without distracting the attention of people from it. Some people even choose tapered baguette stones as their center stones in order to stand out from the crowd.

This is the opposite in emerald cut diamonds; they are commonly used as center stones, and people choose them as accent stones to get a distinct appeal. For absolutely stunning and majestic wedding bands, you can pave or channel baguette cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds in an alternating pattern.

For many years people have gone into jewelry stores to purchase such unique diamonds for their wedding rings.  But as with most things in the digital age, people are switching to making this important purchase online.  Online jewelry retailers, like RockHer.com, offer a wide variety of engagement ring styles, including these unique styles so you can get the ring of your dreams from the comfort of your own home! 

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