Diamond Shapes

What you Need to Know about Diamond Shapes

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
Different Diamond Shapes

You need to learn much more than the 4 C’s to choose an engagement ring. While looking for engagement rings, your aim should be to find a great ring that matches her personality very well. You might think that round diamonds are classics, but it might not be the ideal choice for every girl. Each of the diamond shape is unique. Some of the shapes will offer more sparkle while others can look bigger. Below are some of the most popular diamond shapes and their details.

Round Brilliant Cut

This cut is classy, timeless, and traditional. This diamond will have fifty-eight facets and sets a great standard for beauty and brilliance.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut is classic, soft, and romantic. Also called pillow cut, this diamond cut features round edges offering a romantic look. This type of cut is becoming a very popular diamond cut and can look great in many settings.

Princess Cut

This cut is feminine, dainty, and contemporary. The cut is perfect for the trendy and fashion forward, and offers very intense sparkle. The cut looks good in almost all types of settings.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut engagement rings are ultimate in vintage and exudes glamour of the old world. Most of the buyers appreciate the cut for its luster more than its brilliance.

Oval Cut

This can be the best choice for the people who like to stand out. This cut can make the diamond appear larger than round cut diamonds and can make the finger of the wearer look slender.

Marquise Cut

This cut makes the diamond appear real large. This is a football shaped cut and its long shape can look good even on short fingers.

Radiant Cut

This cut combines the best of some cuts and provide offers very good sparkle to the diamond. The corners will be cropped and is an ideal choice for women who have an active lifestyle and prefer a square shaped diamond.

Asscher Cut

This is an update to the square shape of the emerald cut and offers more sparkle to the diamond. This cut can be suitable for women with vintage interests but has a modern flair too.

Heart Shaped

This is the choice for the hardcore romantics. A heart shaped diamond can be best in a solitaire setting, as it can accentuate the shape of the diamond.

Pear Shaped

This is also called the teardrop cut and is a cross between the marquise and round cut. This shape can excel in a halo setting, as it is a unique and beautiful shape.

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