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7 Common Myths about Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond Engagement Rings Myths

You are more likely to come across many diamond engagement ring myths as you set out on your engagement ring search. Usually, most of those myths will be regarding the style, cost, appeal, sparkle, etc., of the diamond rings. Some of those popular diamond ring myths and the real facts are given below.

Engagement Rings Must Flaunt Big Diamonds

There is a common misconception that the bigger the size of the center diamond of your engagement ring, the better will be its appeal. Actually, you cannot claim that a diamond will be captivating just because it is bigger. Note that a smaller diamond that excels in all other characteristics such as the light performance, clarity, and color quality will be way too attractive and charismatic than a poor-quality big diamond.

Engagement Rings Must Be Solitaire Set

Most of the traditional diamond engagement rings came in solitaire setting in which a center diamond is secured by means of four prongs. This setting is ideal to show off the center stone to the fullest. However, it is not necessary that every diamond engagement ring must feature the solitaire setting.

In fact, most millennial couples tend to steer away from traditional diamond ring setting and designs and choose unique and fashionable ones such as halo, three-stone, tension diamond ring setting, etc. What’s more, some of these alternate options even offer better sparkle and appeal when compared to the traditional solitaire setting.

The Emerald Cut Was Invented to Boost Up the Brilliance of Diamonds

Emerald cut engagement rings are really popular these days because of their supreme sparkle and stylish appeal. As a result, most people have a misconception that emerald diamond cut was discovered in order to enhance the brilliance and shine of diamonds. Actually, emerald cut was invented around 300 years ago in order to cut emerald gemstones.

Note that emerald stones tend to display their inclusions and other flaws better when compared to diamonds and other gemstones. Hence, this unique cut was discovered to overcome these flaws as well as to boost up the color intensity of emeralds. However, diamond jewelry designer soon figured out that the emerald cut was perfect to make diamonds even more charismatic, and that lead to the immense popularity of emerald cut engagement rings.

Bezel Setting is Not Ideal for Sparkling Rings

There is a common saying that a bezel set diamond ring is only suitable for the couples who like to keep it low-key or subtle. This is not true all the time. Note that there are two types of bezel setting: full bezel setting and half bezel setting. In the former case, the entire center diamond will be encased in a metal setting, and hence, its sparkle will be limited.

In the latter, only the two sides of the gemstone will be encased by the metal setting. Hence, half bezel setting will be an ideal option for all the couples who are looking for a ring that offers a good sparkle as well as a vintage appeal.

You Should Buy Only Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Just like the solitaire diamond ring setting, traditional diamond engagement ring designs often flaunt round diamonds at their center. This does not mean that you cannot consider other diamond shapes. Actually, there are numerous non-traditional diamond shapes, which modern brides prefer to have on their engagement rings.

Some of those popular options include emerald cut engagement rings, cushion cut diamond rings, princess cut diamond rings, etc. Apart from an incredible sparkle, such unconventional-shaped diamond rings are way too affordable when compared to their round counterparts. The main reason for this is the less amount of rough diamond wastage in their making.

Diamonds Will Never Break

Diamonds are the most durable and hardest gemstone on Earth and it is impervious to almost every damage such as acid attacks, higher pressure, temperature, etc. However, this does not mean that you can never break diamonds.

Note that if you buy a diamond that already has a cleavage or split in it as the result of its cutting process, it may easily break if it is struck hard by an external force on the area where the cleavage is located. The same thing is applicable to diamonds that have external flaws such as chips. It is to be noted that a chipped diamond, especially the ones with chipping at their girdles or edges, is vulnerable to external damages.

You Have to Spend at Least your Three Months’ Salary on your Diamond Engagement Ring

Most people think that diamond engagement rings must be luxurious and expensive. In fact, there is a saying that you must spend at least your three months’ salary on your diamond engagement rings. Note that all such rules are created by diamond sellers in order to boost up their sales. There is no need to follow such irrational policies. Rather, determine a budget that you are comfortable with.

Consider the style and personality of your partner while purchasing the diamond engagement ring. Besides, you can always upgrade your diamond engagement ring in the future when you are in a better financial state.

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