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A Brief Comparison of a Radiant Cut vs. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut
Emerald Shaped Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

People who are purchasing their diamond jewelry for the first time may get confused between a radiant cut and emerald cut diamond ring. Note that both these diamond cuts are designed with almost similar profile. However, you can spot a few notable differences between a radiant and emerald shaped diamond ring if you take a closer look at these diamonds. In order to get an in-depth knowledge regarding the same, you may refer to the details given below.

Emerald Cut vs. Radiant Cut Diamonds

Emerald diamonds are rectangular in shape and feature precisely cut and truncated corners. The emerald cut was actually designed to cut emerald gemstones so as to emphasize its color and beauty. Here, the linear facets of the diamond will be organized in such a way that it stays parallel with the girdle of the stone. Plus, emerald cut stones flaunt shallow cuts when compared to other diamond shapes. As a result, you can see a mirror-like reflection in emerald cut diamonds.

Radiant cut diamonds can be either rectangular or square in shape. The corners of emerald stone are cut perfectly just like emerald cut diamonds in order to reduce the chances of getting chipped or damaged. When it comes to their cut, radiant diamonds showcase mixed cut. That is, radiant cuts are beautified by both step cut and brilliant cut. To be specific, the outline of radiant diamonds feature step cut, whereas the top and bottom sides of these diamonds are enhanced with brilliant cut. No wonder, radiant cut diamond rings are one of the popular options for engagement these days.

Note that the facets of radiant cut diamonds are not arranged in a parallel manner like emerald cut diamonds. Rather, you can see non-rectangular facets such as a triangle in this diamond shape. You can easily spot these differences by looking at these stones through a diamond loupe or a magnifier.

Another major difference that you can spot between a radiant and emerald cut diamond is their brilliance. The former will be way more brilliant than the latter because of its facet arrangement. Furthermore, these two diamond shapes tend to differ when it comes to displaying their flaws as well. In the radiant cut, the flaws are likely to be masked by their supreme sparkle. On the other hand, emerald diamonds tend to highlight their inclusions because of its step cut patterns.

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