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A Guide For Evaluating Emerald Cut Diamond

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Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring
Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring

Emerald cut engagement rings are one of the most popular choices because of their elegant style, and the stone appears larger because of its shape. Compared to brilliant round cut diamonds, it has less sparkle as it is step cut and with a large open table. The cut produces a hall of mirror effect due to the interplay between the bright and dark planes inside. This produces dramatic flashes of light, enhancing its elegance. The purpose of this guide is to provide you guidelines to evaluate an emerald cut diamond.

The Cut Of Emerald Cut Diamond

The center stone used in emerald cut engagement rings varies from narrow rectangle to nearly square cut. The length to width ratio of a classic emerald cut diamond is 1.50. Besides, the GIA considers the Asscher cut as a square-cut emerald cut. Some of the common length to width ratios are 1.30, 1.45, and 1.60.


  • Excellent – 1.00 to 1.03
  • Very Good – 1.00 to 1.03
  • Good – 1.04 to 1.05
  • Fair – 1.06 to 1.08
  • Poor – Greater than 1.08


  • Excellent – 1.40 to 1.05
  • Very Good– 1.30 to 1.39 or 1.51 to 1.60
  • Good– 1.20 to 1.29 or 1.61 to 1.80
  • Fair– 1.15 to 1.19 or 1.81 to 1.90
  • Poor– Less than 1.15 or greater than 1.90

The Color Of Emerald Cut Diamond

In emerald cut diamonds, it is easier to perceive their body color due to their less sparkle and large open facets, and this is especially true for those above 1.50 carats. Also evaluating their color is personal as many buyers prefer the slightly warm tone of G-H diamonds over the colorless D-F diamonds. Moreover, the higher price of D-F diamonds is driven by supply and demand because customers are willing to pay a premium price for them. However, if the color grading was absent, this premium price would be much lower. Above all, the color of the center stone is the main factor that determines the price of an emerald cut solitaire ring. Let us see the color grading of different carats of emeracl cut diamonds.

< 0.50 ct

  • Excellent – D-G
  • Very Good – H-I
  • Good – J-K
  • Fair – L-M
  • Poor – Greater than M

0.51 To 1.0 ct

  • Excellent – D-G
  • Very Good – G
  • Good – H-I
  • Fair – J-K
  • Poor – Greater than K

1.0 To 2.0 ct

  • Excellent – D-F
  • Very Good – D-F
  • Good – G
  • Fair – H-I
  • Poor – Greater than I

>2.0 ct

  • Excellent – D-F
  • Very Good – D-F
  • Good – G
  • Fair – H-I
  • Poor – Greater than I

The Clarity Of Emerald Cut Diamond

Like color, evaluating the clarity of diamonds is subjective, and this is because some people are comfortable with inclusion if it is not easily seen, while others demand perfectly flawless stones. When it comes to emerald cut diamonds, it is easier to see inclusions.

We hope that the details shared above will help in your purchase of emerald cut engagement rings.

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