Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Different Engagement Ring Settings For Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Settings

Among all other cuts, emerald cut diamond is an amazing choice for the engagement rings. The emerald cut has a classy and elegant appearance and also they are cheaper than any other fancy cuts. The emerald cut diamond also has a larger look and also its beauty is enhanced. When you choose an emerald cut diamond for your engagement ring, you must also know which setting to choose for your ring. You will have to look for a setting which shows off the diamond and also protects the diamond.

Here are some of the settings which can look good with your emerald cut diamond.

Prong Setting

This is the most common setting chosen by almost all couples for their diamond engagement ring. In the setting the diamond is the main focus and hence it is highlighted. The size of the diamond can be emphasized more if a thin band is used. The prong setting increases the “hall of mirrors” effect of the stone. The light reflection is made maximum in this setting. Though a diamond in the prong setting doesn’t have much brilliance, the disparity between the light and the shadow adds beauty to it.

Halo Setting

In the halo setting a set of tiny diamond stones are kept around the main stone. This serves the purpose of adding the necessary sparkle to the center stone, even when the center stone remains the point of attraction. If your emerald cut diamond is a small one, this setting would be perfect because the stone would look bigger in this setting. More protection is offered to the center stone in the halo setting than in the prong setting, because of the halo which surrounds the stone.

Three Stone Setting

There are different varieties of three stoned settings available. There can be a three stone setting in which three same sized emerald cut diamonds can be kept side by side. These stones can also be of different sizes if you wish so. Also you can try mixing diamonds of different cuts here. In this setting you can also use smaller diamonds and reduce the cost. This setting would be best for ladies with wider fingers.

There are several ring settings which suit the emerald cut diamonds that it is difficult to choose on particular setting as the best. It is better to consider your lifestyle and preferences before choosing the setting you would have on your engagement ring.

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