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Choosing the right metal for your diamond engagement ring is as important as choosing the diamond. Firstly, metal settings play a major role in securely holding your valuable diamonds. Secondly, it adds to the beauty of your gleaming baubles. For instance, an enchanting emerald cut diamond ring may look dull if it is set using platinum metal. Note that emerald cut stones tend to highlight the flaws and color tints in the stone and framing it using platinum metal is likely to make these flaws more evident.

Similarly, the design of the metal band or frame is also significant. Note that while a bezel ring will be a perfect choice to show off a vintage and sophisticated appeal, it will not be a suitable choice for the couples who give priority to the sparkle of their engagement rings. Additionally, the metal choice that you choose must be able to reflect the style of your partner. For instance, silver, platinum, white gold, etc., will be perfect for a girl who is drawn towards cooler hues. On the other hand, choose yellow gold, rose gold, etc., for a woman who admires warmer hues. Mixing different colored metals will be a safe choice. Two of the popular metal choices for diamond engagement rings are given below.


Platinum is a hands-on winner when it comes to the perfect metal choice for diamond engagement rings. This is mainly because of the appealing characteristics this traditional metal choice boasts. Some of those features include inimitable hardness, durability, mirror-like reflection, scratch resistance, fade resistance, hypoallergenic nature, etc. All these choice made platinum an ideal choice for daily wear and for the people who lead an active lifestyle. However, platinum metal is relatively more expensive because of these impressive features and its popularity.

White Gold

This is a modern version of classic yellow gold metal and is characterized by its silvery-white color. The metal gets this appealing color tone by combining yellow gold with zinc, copper, and nickel. Sometimes, palladium is also used instead of nickel. Additionally, it is coated with rhodium, which comes under platinum group metals, to achieve the inimitable shine.

The rhodium coating makes white diamond rings resistant to tarnish and scratches as well. However, rhodium coating tends to wear out over time and you will have to re-plate it regularly to maintain its reflective appeal. Furthermore, you will be amazed to know that white gold looks almost like platinum metal. In fact, it will be extremely challenging for an untrained eye to spot the difference between a white gold ring and its platinum counterpart. So, this will be a great choice if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a traditional platinum diamond ring.

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