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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Being a true show-stopper, the emerald cut engagement rings are highly preferred by the brides of today. And trust me, it won’t only look classy when Kim Kardashian West wears it, your fingers will look good too. An emerald cut ring is known for its long and rectangular shape in addition to its beautiful rows of facets. Its linear shape will make your fingers look lean and long. Here are a few of your options if the introduction interested you and you have fallen in love with emerald cut engagement rings.

Large Emerald Cut With A Pave Shank

A large emerald cut with a pave shank is a distinctive step cut of the emerald diamond. It reflects light to create a perfectly long and geometrical mirror effect. The long facets of the stone highlight its color and clarity.

Destine Emerald Cut Diamond With A Platinum Ring

It was the stonecutters who initiated this creative cut for the emeralds and the name stayed on. These are perfect for that extra sparkle you wish to see in your bride’s eye.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring With Platinum

It does not come with much of a surprise that the emerald cut stones are versatile and suits every other style setting. This is best suited for setting which focuses on the centerpiece; for instance, one big stone on a platinum ring, and that is it.

Olivia Bezel Emerald Cut Ring

If you are all in for showing off that perfect geometry of the ring, the Olivia bezel emerald cut ring will not disappoint you. It perfectly discloses the elongated shape of the stone and creates a popping effect on the facets. Definitely a work of art!

East-West Emerald Cut Colored Stone Ring

This style is perfect for a bride who loves modern styles. When wearing this ring, the center stone will be placed perfectly horizontally across your finger.

Solitaire Emerald Rings

As you would have already noticed, the emerald cuts have a table larger than most of the other diamond shapes. This will give an enhanced look at the inclusions.

Timeless Emerald Cut Ring

This ring does justice to its name because the style and setting are stunning and timeless. Its versatile shape suits any aesthetic because it could easily transform based on the setting. If yours is a kind of bride who can give a new definition to sophistication, this is the one.

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