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Helpful Tips to Consider When Engraving your Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Ring

Most couples might give priority to the diamond ring design and carats while choosing their engagement rings. However, all sparklers depict the same symbolization irrespective of its size, design, metal choice, and whatnot. Note that diamond engagement rings are regarded as the symbol of love and commitment shared by a couple.

Some couples tend to design their own diamond rind to give it a signature style or personalized touch. Needless to mention, one of the best designing ideas to give a meaningful and exclusive touch to your sparkler is to engrave it. It is to be noted that an engraved ring will instantly take your ring from a traditional love statement piece to an outstanding one that exhibits the uniqueness and specialty of your relationship.

You can engrave anything related to your relationship on your beautiful engagement rings. In most cases, the engraving is done on the inner band of the ring to add to its comfort factor and appeal. For instance, a beautiful emerald cut ring or bezel ring engraved with meaningful characters on the inner band will be a stunning choice.

However, while a number of engraving options may come into your mind, choosing the right one can be a bit difficult. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the popular as well as unique diamond engagement ring engraving ideas that you may consider.

Engagement Ring Engraving

First of all, you must make sure to choose a diamond band of at least 3mm wide if you are planning to engrave on it. In case you love petite bands and opted for a smaller band, it will be challenging for the jeweler to engrave on it. Plus, it will be hard for others to read it as well. Furthermore, you cannot write a bigger note on your ring. Rather, the engraving must be brief yet meaningful. Usually, an engagement ring of average band size is likely to hold around 20 characters. Below is a list of the best diamond engagement ring engraving ideas.

A Special Day

Your engagement and wedding days are likely to be the most important days in your life when it comes to your relationship. After all, it marks two beautiful milestones in your relationship. So, it will be a good option to engrave any of these dates on your band. In case you think that the proposal day is the most significant one since it marked the beginning of your relationship or you get to know how much your better half love you, you can choose to engrave your proposal date on the ring. In simple words, engrave whichever date you love to commemorate as a couple for a lifetime.

Your Monogram or Name

There is a popular myth associated with people wearing diamond engagement rings on the ring finger of the left hand. It is believed that the vein from that finger is connected directly to the heart and wearing your engagement ring in it will reserve the closest position in the heart of your partner for you. By engraving your name on the ring, you are symbolically choosing to keep your significant other close to your heart for a lifetime. Of course, everyone knows that the human circulatory system does not function this way.

Still, most people love to believe this myth and consider it as a sweet and romantic gesture. You can also choose to engrave your pet name or initials on your band. It will be even more special if there are some names that you two call each other when you are too much in love. You can take the uniqueness and exclusiveness of your ring to the next level by engraving those names that only you two can understand.

A Romantic Phrase or Word That Expresses Eternity

Diamond engagement rings are considered as an eternal statement of your relationship. So, what will be a better choice than a romantic phrase or word that indicates eternity to engrave on your band? You may consider the words such as ‘for eternity’, ‘always’, ‘forever’, etc., in this case. Otherwise, you may simply engrave the eternity symbol on the band. In fact, eternity symbol paired with tiny diamonds is one of the most popular diamond engagement ring design ideas.

However, make sure to contact the company you are partnering with to design your diamond ring before making up your mind on this. Note that even though this unique symbol is the perfect substitution for even a million words, not every company will be able to engrave it on your band. Other outstanding diamond engagement ring engraving ideas include;

  • A lyric from a song or a sentence from a book that means a lot when it comes to your beautiful relationship
  • An inside joke
  • The picture of your favorite superhero or movie character
  • Simply engrave ‘I love you’
  • Anything you wish to say
  • The coordinates of the place where you first met

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