Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Interesting Facts about Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Interesting Diamond Facts

There are around ten types of diamond ring cuts in the jewelry field, and each cut boast their own unique charm and beauty. One of the most popular diamond ring cuts is emerald cut, which is popular for its timeless elegance and versatile design. Even though this type of diamond cut was discovered 300 years ago, it is still ruling the field. In fact, almost every bride tends to choose an emerald cut diamond ring for her special day these days.

Actually, there are certain facts about the emerald diamond cut that caters to its popularity. Below are a few things that make emerald diamonds the desired option to both old and modern generations.

Unique Effect

The main attraction of an emerald cut diamond is its flat table and significant step cut that create a mirror-like reflection once interacted with light. In addition, the short corners and the exquisite long facets of emerald cut stones will emit dramatic flashes of light. This, in turn, will accentuate the flawless clarity and smooth luster of emerald cut gemstones. Most people find this unique effect even more attractive and appealing than the sparkle or brilliance of round or princess cut diamonds.

Worth the Cost

Another attraction of the emerald cut is that it will be worth the cost. Even though emerald cut does not offer incredible brilliance, it is one of the most versatile diamond ring cuts. You can set an emerald cut diamond ring on any type of diamond ring setting. Plus, it will look equally appealing on both vintage and modern diamond ring designs. Furthermore, the tiny and tapered corners of emerald cut stones will make them less vulnerable to damages when compared to most of the other diamond cuts.

Popular Celebrity Bling

The popularity of emerald cut ring designs actually gained momentum when celebrities started to step out wearing these elongated beauties. Note that the stretched out profile of emerald cut diamonds can offer a slimmer appeal to short and wide fingers.

Many people have a misconception that emerald cut stones are really expensive because of their higher carat grade. Actually, they are way more affordable when compared to other popular diamond cuts like round brilliant cut and princess cut. In addition, the peculiar cut, profile, and light performance of emerald cut diamonds will make it look bigger than its actual carat weight.

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