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The jewelry setting can have a great impact on accentuating the look of your diamond. There are also a lot of other factors that can affect the visual appeal of your stone including the color of the metal, the arrangement of the stone, etc. Hence, if you choose all these factors wisely you can enhance the beauty of your diamond. We provide you some useful tips for adding a great visual appeal to your diamond.

What You Need To Know About Diamond Color

Perfect colorless diamonds are very rare. Most of the diamonds that occur naturally will have a slight yellow or brown tint in them. The color of the diamonds are graded based on the intensity of this tint. A scale that ranges from D to Z is used for grading the color of the diamonds.

Diamonds that are close to colorless are given grades D and F, and the diamonds that have a highly visible tint are given the grade Z. Other diamonds fall between these grades based on the intensity of their color.

How To Reduce The Yellow Tint Of The Diamond?

Diamonds are very reflective, hence, they can reflect the color of the band and the prongs holding them. Hence, if you use a yellow metal, it will reflect this color and the yellow tint of your diamond will increase.

Hence, if you want your stone to have an icy white color, it is better to choose a white metal such as platinum or white gold.

How Settings Can Affect The Color Of The Diamond?

Settings of an ornament can have a great impact on the appeal of the stone. Some settings can facilitate more light to enter the stone thereby increasing its brilliance and sparkle. This high brilliance will be able to hide a lot of flaws present in the diamond, thereby enhancing its beauty.

For example, a ring with prong setting will have more brilliance when compared to a bezel ring, as the bezel ring surrounds the stone with metal, thereby reducing the amount of light entering the stone. Hence, if you want more bling for your ring, it is better to choose a prong setting, instead of a bezel ring.

In addition to this, settings like halo can also improve the appeal of your ring. For example, an emerald cut halo ring will have more shine than a solitaire emerald ring. Hence, adding more stones can also accentuate the beauty of your diamond.

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