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Since its inception in the 1950s, the adorable looking Ballerina cut diamond rings are still in trend for its sole beauty, boldness, and celebration. The stone pattern resembles a girl mesmerized in her own way, dancing with her hands stretched out when viewed from the top. For the splendor that it carries off very gracefully, they are technically the jewelers’ favorites, opening various ways for great aesthetic experimentation. Below are some interesting patterns of ballerina rings that may be personalized in every possible way.

Sapphire and Diamond Clustered Ballerina Ring

The pattern can be said of adorning a timeless beauty with the central Chatham sapphire stone bringing out all the charm. They are further accentuated with both round cut and marquise cut diamond at the outer space of the platinum ring. The snowy pieces that surge from the oval cut blue gemstone create a flowing organic style to this stunning Ballerina ring.

Snowflake Ballerina Ring with Emerald

Rather than going for the emerald cut ring settings, here we can find the real emerald as the center stone. They are the perfect blend of contrasting mixed stones in a single piece of the ring. The soft yellow gold band complements the diamond tutu emerging out from the frills of the central green gemstone.

Pear Shaped Ballerina Engagement Ring

A beautiful flowing movement is captured in this classic ballerina ring, with numerous baguette-cut and brilliant cut diamonds cascading from the central large stone. The astonishing ballerina pattern balances with a simple platinum band.

Multi Stoned Art Deco Inspired Ballerina Ring

The best archetypal specimen of Ballerina Rings had come all the way from the 1920s. The design depicts a ballerina in all angles with baguette-cut stones asymmetrically circumscribing the central round brilliant diamond. It is the body of the ballerina that is symbolized by the center stone, as mentioned earlier. The multi-stoned ring is set very dramatically in a platinum band.

Tapered Shouldered Rose Gold Ballerina Ring

The rose gold ring with its center ballerina stone, surrounded by pear cut diamonds like a skirt is a beautiful piece to look at. The ring can even be called a hybrid between the cluster ring and the typical ballerina ring. The surrounded stones are claimed to tame the clustered ones into a more uniformed pattern.

Ballerina Kite Ring with Rose Cut Diamond

This will be yet another standout from the traditional ballerina rings, but follow a contemporary pattern. The Rose cut diamond in the shape of a kite with black diamond halo is in no way emulating the flowing tutu of a typical ballerina ring. Rather it is a prima ballerina storming in her performance on stage.

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