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Engagement rings are available in a variety of shapes and designs. Out of them, the bezel and prong are some of the major settings. Both setting have a completely different appearance and perform different functions. The usefulness of one cut differs from person to person. You need to consider their features in-depth before you arrive at a conclusion regarding the emerald cut engagement rings. Below is a discussion on some of the noteworthy characteristics of the prong setting and bezel setting.

Prong Setting

This is the most commonly found setting type. Simply put, it is 4 or 6 metal pins placed at equal distance from one another around the diamond. The diamond is placed in the middle and is gripped as if inside a claw. There are varieties of prong settings like the basic 4-prong setting, the6 prong setting and the Tiffany setting which also has 6prongs in a distinct design. You can also find prong settings with 8 pins.

Bezel Setting

Bezel settings are entirely different from the prong setting. Instead of using metal pins to secure the diamond, they use an entire metal ring around the diamond. The metal used is similar to that used in other settings such as yellow gold or platinum.

The Pros of a Prong Setting

Prong settings are designed to display the maximum area of diamonds as possible. Thin prongs accomplish this very easily, allowing maximum light to enter and leave the diamond. This ensures a high degree of fire and brilliance in the diamonds than the usual level. Further, diamonds appear elevated as they are held on a slightly higher position be the prongs. Majority of the cuts suit this setting but the ones with sharp edges such as the Asscher, emerald, and square are not used often in prong setting. Besides, they are very easy to clean as every part is accessible.

The Pros of a Bezel Setting

There is ring along the circumference of a diamond n the bezel setting this ensures that they are well protected from all the solid external impacts. This suits people who are involved in rough handling jobs.

Bezels are the most secure of all settings. Since the bezel is situated above the girdle, the stone fits well into its position at all times. They are modern looking and sleek, making it a great setting to own.

Both prong and bezel settings have their pros. Consider these before making a purchase.

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