Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Stunning Gemstone Options for your Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Ring
Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds will be the first option that almost every person may think about when it comes to engagement rings. Apart from its glistening nature that can be maintained as such for decades, diamonds are hands-on winders when it comes to durability and strength as well. Note that diamonds rank 10 in the Mohs’ scale of hardness. Plus, there are plenty of diamond varieties to choose from. However, diamond engagement rings have become so common these days and modern couples tend to steer away from these options.

There are numerous stunning gemstones that can be used for your engagement rings. In order to boost up the overall bling factor, you can accent it with tiny diamonds as well. This will be a way more affordable option when compared to their all diamond counterparts. However, the former will be undeniably captivating, especially when set with colorful and durable gemstones. Some of the ideal gemstones that you may consider for your engagement rings are listed below.


Sapphires are precious stones that feature inimitable hardness, strength, and luster. With a Mohs’ scale hardness of 9, sapphires are unlikely to scratch and chip. Plus, they are available in almost every rainbow color; you may choose the right color option that complements your personality and style. One of the most popular options, however, is dark blue sapphires. There are white sapphires as well and this will be an ideal choice if you are looking for diamond alternatives. Note that setting a rectangular shaped sapphire in a solitaire setting tend to display the appeal of a stunning emerald cut ring.

Sunstones and Moonstones

Unlike sapphires, sunstones and moonstones are semi-precious stones. Nevertheless, their internal shine and shimmer are the main factors that made them one of the unconventional choices for engagement rings. Usually, these stones are set using a bezel ring for the best appeal. Even though these stones are softer when compared to some popular gemstones, you can still keep it chip and scratch resistant if you maintained the stones properly.

If you are an admirer of opals and pearls, moonstones will be an ideal option for you. It is to be noted that the common factor in all these gemstones is the varied color palette within the stone and the non-uniform surface. While none of these stones exhibit an incredible sparkle like that of diamonds or many other popular gemstones, these are ideal choices to discover the depths and details of colors making them unique. However, when compared to moonstones and sunstones, pearls and opals are less durable and more expensive making the former alternatives supreme.

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