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There are numerous diamond ring cuts, which are crafted to enhance the appeal of diamonds. One of the popular options that you may consider here is the emerald diamond cut. As the name indicates, the emerald diamond cut was introduced in to enhance the color intensity as well as the appeal of the emerald gemstones. Later, jewelers figured out that the unique cut could emphasize the beauty of diamonds as well, and that is how is came to be a unique diamond cut.

Some of the upsides of cutting a diamond to look like an emerald include the improved light reflection property, enlarged appeal, tapered edges to tackle external damages, uniqueness, etc. It is common for the consumers to be confused while choosing between emerald cut diamond and other brilliant cut stones such as round and princess cut diamonds. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the prominent pros and cons of choosing emerald cut diamonds for your sparklers.

Bigger Appeal

One of the greatest advantages of choosing an emerald cut diamond ring is that the gemstone tends to create an illusion of a bigger diamond when compared to their round brilliant cut counterparts. This is mainly because of the large facets and step cut patterns of the emerald diamond cut that, in turn, offers a bigger appeal to the top-most facet of emerald cut stones. This will instantly make the diamond look bigger than its actual carat weight. So, emerald cut engagement rings will be your way to go if you give priority to the size of your sparklers.

Smooth Surface

Because of the flat table and a few angled cuts, emerald cut diamonds display a smoother surface. Note that most other diamond ring cuts feature more number of angled cuts and facets in order to enhance their brilliance. However, this smoother surface of the emerald diamond cut will give a better view of the clarity and color quality of such diamonds. The elegance of the smooth appeal will add to the overall beauty of emerald cut diamonds as well.

Unique Design

An emerald cut diamond ring will be the perfect option for every couple who crave for something unique and stylish so as to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The elegance offered by the emerald diamond cut is very distinct from the other fancy diamond cuts that you get to see in the jewelry stores. When you design your emerald cut diamond ring, you can choose the designs ranging from understated and subtle to chunky and gaudy styles. In addition, the lack of showiness or extravagantness tends to make the emerald diamond cut even classier.

Vivid Flashes

It is true that you cannot expect the same brilliance or flashy fire that you get to see in round brilliant diamonds or princess cut diamonds in emerald cut diamonds. However, emerald cut diamonds exhibit amazing vivid flashes of light when its facets are arranged in the right angles and proportions. The main highlight of a well emerald cut diamond ring is that the more you look at it, the more stunning and beautiful it appears. That is why couples who adore dazzling sparkle and love to go the unconventional way often choose emerald cut diamond rings.

The Flaws

The main highlight of the emerald diamond cut that makes it different from other diamond cuts is its large table. However, this will let a person see through the gemstone well to its other side. Even though this characteristic will accentuate the tendency of a viewer to get distracted from the cut angles and facets of the gemstone, it can easily put up the imperfections and inclusions in the stone to the best. Note that the number of facets and angled cuts present in other diamond cuts can mask the inclusions within the stone to a great extent. So, if you are planning to buy a big emerald cut diamond ring, you will have to go for a stone that excels in its clarity grade and color quality.

Fancy Cut

Unlike other fancy diamond cuts, emerald diamond cut offers an understated and subtle appeal. Obviously, every average consumer will be looking for something sparkling or glittery when it is about diamonds. In fact, the brilliance and fire are regarded as the major staples of diamonds. Setting such shining and lustrous diamonds in complementing metal settings will create an over-the-top design that ultimately, fulfills the buyer’s goal. On the other hand, emerald cut diamonds are all about elegance, and hence, this will not be an ideal choice for the women who admire diamond rings with significant glitz.

On the whole, emerald cut diamond engagement ring will be an ideal choice for almost every couple who crave for something extremely elegant, classy, and unique. In fact, an emerald cut diamond ring notably yields a maximum bang for your bucks. However, make sure that you are all right with its above-mentioned downsides too.

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