Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Things to Remember When you Mix-and-Match Metals in a Wedding Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Wedding Ring Tips

Most brides feel compelled to pick out a wedding ring that goes well with their engagement ring, because a lot of the time, the latter is thought of as the one thing that needs to stand out the most. Plenty of ways exist along which this effect can be achieved, but few as trendy at this point as choosing mixed-and matched metals for the bands. Given below are a few style tips in that direction, including some you can use if you prefer an emerald cut ring.

Contrasting Metals

If you do end up picking two metals for the bands, one way to go is picking out a pair that brings in obvious color contrast. If, for instance, the engagement ring band is white gold or platinum, you can spruce it up with a visually appealing color contrast using a rose gold or yellow gold wedding band, such as an emerald cut diamond ring.

It does, however, bear remembering that gold is a lot softer than platinum, which means it is not good to have a pure gold band rubbing or bumping up against a sturdy platinum one. If you do decide that yellow gold is one of the things you need, go in for something more solid, like 14k or 18k.

Matched Metals

A lot of women like small plain bands which slide in beside more obvious engagement rings, but there is a way where you can draw at least some of the attention to the former: mixed metals in the same band. This option can also be used to stylishly link your engagement ring with that of your partner.

In case you think subtlety is the way to go, then pick a warm color and then add slight touches of a cooler-looking metal like platinum or white gold. You could also use the same metal in different purities, such as 24k gold coupled with 14k gold, which would bring about the difference in color that you were looking for, while not requiring you to pay that extra than platinum would demand.

Metal Ring Detailing

You can add a different finish to your ring that the run-of-the-mill smoothness that you see everywhere, or use texture to have it stand out as something different. Having floral designs etched in there is something to prefer these days, and so is scrolling. You could even laser-cut completely different details, or use twisted metals to look like some kind of rope.

The above options can add both timeless beauty and visual interest to your wedding ring, and hopefully, make it go all the better with that superb engagement ring that your significant other proposed with. Just be sure at the beginning that you have no allergies with any of the metals used.

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