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Things You Must Know Before Purchasing a Ring for Your Engagement

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Today’s brides-to-be are participating in the engagement ring shopping process to confirm that the piece bespeaks their individuality and the pair’s love story. The number of engagement ring options is much more than ever, but the main concern for modern brides is to find a timeless and durable piece. Do you have the time to dig into just the world of diamond flaws, halo and emerald cut settings? Assuming that you do not, we have compiled a list of top tips for future couples to steer them onto the right decisions.

First Look at the 4Cs

Color, carat, cut and clarity are collectively referred to as the 4Cs of a diamond. Many regard carat as the most significant characteristic of the lot, but the cut determines the overall brilliance of the stone. When poorly cut, it can look smaller than its carat weight and have much less shine. So look for the perfect diamond cut.

Try not to be excessively preoccupied with both the carat and color grade of your diamond. Flawless rocks will appear stunning, but you have to decide on the way your ring feels on the finger. You will wear it for years to come, so put money in a ring that is stunningly created and that feels comfortable to wear.

Reconsider Choosing On-Trend Designs

Marketers may tell you that a particular setting or style is very popular, which may be true. However, it might not be well-received among people, say, a few years down the road. Then, do you want someone to tell you that your ring element is from a much before ‘past’ than 2019?

In this regard, it is a good idea to choose something popular for a long time hitherto, like for instance, round brilliant diamond or solitaire style. You may prefer other design elements to both, but then also your criteria should be to look for a stone that suits your individuality. Look at trends, but try not to let trends limit or dictate your choices.

Choose Ethical Diamond or Diamonds

Today, people are giving more importance to sustainability in jewelry. One aspect that helps make a jewelry piece sustainable is a conflict-free diamond. It is a diamond that has not been mined in a conflict-ridden area and not been used to fund the fighting.

Know Your Personal Style

Your engagement ring has to reflect your personality and style, so look at your present wardrobe, jewelry collection, and the durability of its design before choosing a style. A minimalist will want a more low-key design. However, if you are looking for a statement piece, your style may be a stacked design or eclectic finish. Either way, you should reconsider choosing a ring that does fit with other items in your collection.

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