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Three Kinds of Proposals you Would Want to Make to your Girlfriend

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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Whether or not they are ready to admit it, every young woman has a dream marriage proposal in their mind. So if your girl knows you are going to pop the question, she would have something in her mind. Maybe it is a down-on-one-knee proposal in a snowy setting or simply at the backyard of your house that she dreams of. Everyone is different, so do not take these as rules set in stone; instead, you can use this guide as a starting point if you are feeling especially confused regarding how to go about it.

The Private and Personal Proposal

If she is not all that comfortable being the center of attention, then this is perhaps the best approach. Remember a proposal does not always have to a rousing spectacle to be very special. In fact, making an intimate marriage proposal is easier compared to an elaborate one. Cook her favorite meal, have her favorite music playing in the background, and take her to that secluded place which means the world to you. There are virtually endless ways to propose. Keep it simple, just lay your heart in front of her and you are golden.

The Big and Romantic Proposal

Friendly and socially confident girls who love to have fun are likelier to search those big, romantic proposals that you see pretty much everywhere on the internet. We are talking everything from those during flash mobs to large screen appearances at stadiums – if she is comfortable being in the spotlight, then it is the way to go. Keep in mind that you also should be fine with having all the eyes on you, in addition to being considerate of the surroundings. Causing a stir at a carnival is okay, but not quite if you go down on your knee in the midst of an opera. If possible, try giving a prior warning to whoever is in charge there.

The Getaway Proposal

If she is passionate about travels or has dreamed of going to an exotic place, then this ever-popular marriage proposal is also worth a try. The best part about this kind of proposal is that you can make it in whichever way you want. For instance, you can trek up a hill and show the best view to her, get five-star treatment together with champagne, keep it private, and/or go for broke by combining a big-hearted gesture with the most memorable trip you can possibly have in a lifetime. Make it a point to pack all the essentials and the engagement ring before you jet off to that exotic location for the proposal.

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