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Tips For Buying Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald cut originated in the 1500s when stonecutters found that emerald gems that are prone to breaking can be given more stability by means of stepped facets that run along the length of the stone in parallel lines. When the cutting style was adopted into diamonds, the famous emerald cut diamonds were born. A typical emerald cut diamond has about 57 to 58 facets that produce the characteristic ‘hall of mirrors’ effect when aligned concentrically.

Through this article, we offer you some important tips for buying emerald cut diamonds.

Decide on the length to width ratio

You should have a clear idea about the length to width ratio you require before setting off for buying emerald cuts. The available shapes of emerald cut diamonds; rectangle and nearly square have different length to width ratio.

The length to width ratio of nearly square shapes is about 1.3, while for thinner rectangular shapes it is around 1.6. The ratio between 1.45 and 1.55 is mostly recommended for emerald cuts.

The depth percentage of the diamond influences the percentage of light it reflects. If the maximum brilliance is what you want, go for depth percentages ranging from 60 to 70%.

Know That Clarity Is Most Important For Emerald Cuts

Because they have long, open facets, emerald cuts do not conceal the inclusions in the stone. Hence choosing lower clarity grades will have a visible impact on diamond quality. Eye-clean VVS1 clarity grade or higher is generally recommended for emerald stones.

The Rare Nature Emerald Cut Diamonds Increases Their Price

Out of all the diamonds in the world, only 3% are emerald cut. The statistics are indicative of the rarity of the cut that will have an impact on its price as well. The price you pay is worth it, especially because the large table and elongated shape of the cut make it look larger than its actual size.

Decide On The Carat Weight Of The Diamond

The price of the emerald shape varies significantly according to the carat weight. Try to find the right proportions, symmetry, and polish in the carat weight of your choice.

Polish And Symmetry Grades Are Mostly Used As Indicative Of Cut Grade

GIA and AGS do not grade diamonds for their cut. However, they do assign grades for symmetry and polish that are used by diamond retailers to develop an idea about the approximate cut grade. Pick an emerald shape with Excellent symmetry and Excellent polish grades for the best sparkle.

Developing an idea about the emerald shape and its peculiar features beforehand will help greatly in the selection process.

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