Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Tips to Make your Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are likely to be one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry that almost every couple owns. Since it is regarded as the symbol of pure love and commitment between partners, couples usually settle for nothing but the best option. In other words, most couples tend to spend a significant amount of money on their diamond engagement rings. Besides, every single element of a diamond engagement ring ranging from the type of mounting to diamonds tends to add to its overall value.

Needles to mention, diamonds are one of the most expensive elements of an engagement ring. The main factors that determine the value of a diamond are its cut quality, clarity grade, color, and carat value. Although there are some strategies and methods to determine the quality of the former three options, the latter is determined purely based on the personal preference of the wearer.

Why the Size of a Diamond Matters

While the size of a diamond is not everything, it is a major factor for many couples. Note that the cut, clarity, and color of a diamond are technical and you need to look at your baubles using a diamond loupe to determine its quality. On the other hand, a bigger diamond is likely to draw the attention of viewers instantly. Unfortunately, the price of the diamond tends to increase exponentially with its size. As a result, not every couple will be able to own a gleaming gemstone of reasonable carat weight. Do you belong to this category? Worry not; you can still nail the task using some brilliant options.

It is to be noted that there are many ways to make your diamond look bigger than its actual carat weight. Sometimes, you may find this option a bit sneaky. However, the following options are perfect to flaunt bigger diamonds at an affordable price and turn heads. Furthermore, it is recommended to consider your lifestyle and personality when choosing a diamond size.

Diamond Ring Cuts

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, the first image that pops into the mind of almost every couple will be of round diamonds. As a result of its immense popularity, round diamonds are incredibly expensive when compared to other fancy cut diamonds. Plus, the rough diamond wastage during the cutting process is also relatively higher in the case of round diamonds. While none of these statements seems that surprising, you will be amazed to know that round diamonds look smaller both in terms of physical size and carat weight when compared to its fancy cut counterparts.

An emerald cut diamond ring will be a good option to consider if you give priority to the size of your gemstone. Note that this diamond cut boasts flat table and step cuts making it look way bigger than its actual carat weight. In fact, you are likely to get a larger emerald cut diamond ring at the same price as that of a small round brilliant cut diamond ring. In case you admire traditional designs, oval cut diamonds will be worth considering.

Diamond Ring Setting

Another factor that plays a major role in the size of a diamond is its setting. There are numerous diamond ring setting options to secure as well as enhance the appeal of your valuable diamonds. Usually, most couples who lead an active lifestyle tend to choose the bezel setting for their ring since it offers maximum protection. However, a bezel diamond ring is not the right choice for you since the setting is likely to make your gemstone look smaller than its actual carat weight. Rather, consider a prong-set or half bezel diamond ring.

Furthermore, halo setting, cluster, setting, and three-stone diamond ring settings will be other preferable options to enhance the physical size of diamonds. Another upside, in this case, is that you can purchase a diamond ring that features the above-mentioned setting at a much lower price when compared to a solitaire diamond ring of similar carat weight. In short, go for a multi-stone setting to get a maximum bang for your bucks.

Metal Choice

The metal choice that you consider to set your diamonds also contributes to its overall size. While there is plenty of diamond ring band materials to choose from, bright metals such as white gold, platinum, silver, etc., will be ideal to exaggerate the size of a diamond. Note that the bright metals boast a mirror-like reflection giving additional light around the gemstones. This, in turn, will create an illusion of bigger diamonds.

The best bright metal choices that most people are swooning over these days are 18k white gold and platinum. Out of these, the former is the most preferred option since it is much affordable when compared to its platinum counterpart. In other words, you can splurge on a bigger diamond ring in this case. Besides, try to keep the thickness of the metal band minimal in order to accentuate the center diamond to the fullest. Most of all, keep your ring clean and sparkling for the best appeal.

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