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One of the most challenging and overwhelming tasks that you are likely to go through in your life will be to select the right diamond wedding ring. After all, it marks the beginning of your eternal journey together as man and wife. So, you cannot make any mistakes while choosing your beautiful wedding bands. However, the challenge here will be to zero in on a single ring from a pool of options.

Even if you consider the factors such as your lifestyle, profession, personality, budget, etc., the task will be still a bit daunting. Note that unlike olden days, a traditional emerald cut diamond ring or a prong or bezel ring will not make people go wow these days. Rather, you will have to think out of the box and choose something unique and creative to turn heads. If you are still confused when it comes to choosing your diamond wedding bands, some of the trending options are listed below.

Fingerprint Wedding Bands

One of the best options when it comes to wedding bands is the ones that are engraved with your fingerprints.   You can either engrave your fingerprint on the inner or the outer band of your ring. Note that you cannot engrave designs on a patterned band. One of the popular options when it comes to fingerprint bands is the heart-shaped fingerprint design. Here, the fingerprints on both your bands will be engraved in a way that it forms a perfect heart when kept together.

Heartbeat Wedding Bands

Another design option that perfectly reflects the eternal union of a couple is the heartbeat wedding bands. For this, all you have to do is to get your heartbeat recorded and handover a copy to the designer. Credible jewelers will engrave it on your wedding bands. What will be a better way to feel the presence of your significant other with you all the time?

Black Zirconium Wedding Bands

Modern couples are steering away from traditional gold and platinum wedding bands. Currently, the trending option is black zirconium wedding bands. Besides giving a unique appeal, it is highly durable and affordable. You can take the overall style of your zirconium bands by gold plating the inner band. If you love little baby bling reflecting from every angle of your band, you may encrust tiny diamonds on your black beauty at irregular intervals. The contrasting colors of diamonds and black band will surely complement each other to the fullest. This type of diamond bands will be a great option, especially for men.

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