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Once you get married, you have two diamond rings— your engagement ring and your wedding ring. There might naturally be a confusion regarding how to wear them. You might think of several options such as wearing one on each hand or on the same hand. There are several ways to wear them in a simple and elegant way. Below is a discussion on how to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together.

Wear Both On The Ring Finger With Wedding Band On Top

 The primary choice is to wear both your emerald cut engagement rings and your wedding ring on your ring finger. This is done in the order in which you received them. This implies the engagement ring would be the one at the bottom with the wedding ring following it. This is the traditional way of wearing your ring. However, bear in mind that this style may not suit all the styles and finger types.

Wear The Two Rings On Ring Finger With Engagement Ring On Top

 Following the traditional ways, you could wear both the engagement ring and your wedding ring on your ring finger. However, you could shuffle the order and bring the engagement ring to the top. This might be because you like the appearance this way or for emotional reasons. Some people believe that wearing the wedding bezel diamond ring at the bottom of the finger keeps it closer to the heart.

Wear Wedding Band On One Ring Finger And Engagement Ring On The Other

 Another less traditional alternative is to wear the wedding ring on the right hand’s ring finger and the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. This choice is better suited to those with shorter fingers so that the combination does not make the fingers look even shorter. If they do not like to wear many rings on the same finger, this option could be tested.

Besides, some women may not have a combination of rings that match well. Therefore, they are worn separately to avoid them looking awkward together.

Furthermore, some diamond rings are too attractive that they deserve to be displayed separately to look attractive.

Alternate Between Rings

 Although both rings are special to women, some people think that wearing one is enough at a time. This could be because they are expensive and women feel they should not wear two special rings at a time.

There are several ways to wear a diamond wedding ring and a diamond engagement ring together. Remember that the choice should be made after weighing your tastes properly.

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