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What are Conflict Free Diamonds?

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A conflict-free diamond simply means a diamond, which is ethically sourced. In the history of diamonds, there have been blood diamonds, which gave rise to many wars and fights. There have been great bloodshed and suffering of people due to diamonds and its mining. At present, the term conflict-free has become so popular that people do not care to understand its meaning. Since the term is used very generally, many of the conflict diamonds are also termed as non-conflict diamonds in the course of its mining and sale.

If you are planning to purchase a diamond or a diamond engagement ring, it is very important to ensure that you are buying a real conflict-free diamond or diamond ring.

How a Diamond is Concluded to Be Conflict-Free?

There is a process called the Kimberley Process, which makes sure that a diamond is conflict-free or not. However, in the Kimberley Process, they do not check if each of the stones is conflict-free, rather they certify the vendors who are proved trustworthy and genuine. A conflict diamond is defined as the diamond of which the sales profit goes to a rebel group or their allies, which are anti-governmental or working against innocent citizens.

The Kimberley Process was introduced in 2000 after the gathering of the African states to discuss and conclude on the methods to stop the use of conflict diamonds. Even though the Kimberley Process is still working for a good cause, there are many loopholes in the same. The governments that violate the human rights of citizens are not accounted for in the Kimberley Process. The diamond profit that is used by governments to impose child labor is still considered conflict-free. This is one of the major limitations of the Kimberley Process.

Is Vintage Jewelry Conflict-Free?

It is very difficult to determine if a vintage jewelry piece or a diamond is conflict-free. However, many dealers sell them claiming that they are conflict-free. Whatever be the case with a vintage piece, there is no way of compromise regarding a normal diamond. If you are buying any diamond jewelry from anywhere, make sure that you buy only a conflict-free diamond. You must ask the jeweler to give you a copy of the System of Warranties statement, which is a statement from the cutter or seller assuring that the diamond has passed the Kimberley Process. Thus, you can be certain regarding the ethical source of the diamond.

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