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What Are Split Shank Diamond Rings?

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Emerald Cut Rings
Emerald Cut Rings

There are several types of rings available in the market and one of the most versatile designs among those is the split shank rings. This type of ring is different from the rest of the engagement rings because there will two or more than two bands which would be divided or would be interwoven to create a unique appearance. Those divided bands of such ring are known as shanks and the shanks may or may not converge at the bottom of the ring depending on the design.

There are so many varieties of splint shank diamond rings available in the market differing on the arrangement of the shanks and also depending on the cut of the diamond used. The emerald cut rings with split shanks are one of the most preferred designs in this category because of its striking aesthetic beauty.

The Versatile Benefit

One of the major benefits or the versatile feature of the split shank ring is that, they look both simple and complex and the same time because, they have a simple look but the design is so complex than normal rings. These rings can also be made in different styles depending on the preference of the buyer. Another benefit of such a ring is that they are better in keeping the center stone in place than most of the fancy models of ring available in the market.

Popularity and Difference

Even though the split shank ring is a modern design, it is presently one of the most popular rings preferred for engagements. Since there is more than one band, it enables the makers to create several different designs. The two shanks will also allow the maker to incorporate more small diamonds than a ring with a single band. There are several designs in this type of ring but the common feature of all of them is the diamond setting because, whatever be the shape of the stone, the shanks of the ring will create a highlighted beauty for the stone.

The variation in the split shank ring depends on both the cut of the design and also the stone used. It is also available with a combination of all varieties of diamond cut. The princess cut, oval cut, and the emerald cut rings are most popular among those because they depict both the elegance of the diamond and also the beauty of the shanks.

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