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Which is Important: Carat or Clarity?

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Even if you have a good knowledge of diamonds, it might sometimes become very confusing whether to choose a diamond with better clarity or higher carat weight. In fact, this requires a little more knowledge to arrive at a conclusion. Below is a discussion about the importance of clarity and carat weight of a diamond, as well as tips on which attribute you should give preference to when choosing your emerald cut diamond ring.

Bigger Diamonds

There is a common belief that bigger diamonds are the best choice for engagement rings. However, it is a mistake to think that this is the only important factor to consider while buying a diamond ring. Bear in mind that the imperfections, inclusions, tints, asymmetry of cut, natural flaws, and fluorescence would be easily spotted if you go for a large diamond.

Simply put, if you decide to buy a diamond that is big and has a relatively low clarity grade to cut down the costs, chances are that you end up with a diamond that has clearly visible flaws. The bigger the size, the easier it becomes for people to notice the imperfections.

Smaller Diamonds

If you have decided to buy a diamond that has a lower clarity grade than VS2 or SI1, it is advised to buy a smaller diamond. This is because since these clarity ranges are ones that are visible, it is better to keep them concealed by reducing the size of the diamond. Furthermore, there is another reason why you should look for smaller diamonds; there is a better chance of finding a smaller diamond with invisible inclusions than a larger diamond. On average, there are more smaller diamonds with no inclusions than there are larger diamonds.

Choosing Higher Clarity at the Cost of Carat

Generally, it is considered safe to buy an emerald cut diamond ring with small size and high clarity rather than a bigger diamond with low clarity. However, there are exceptions to this rule due to some properties of diamonds. In some cases, higher clarity does not mean that the emerald cut ring will look better. This is because top-clarity diamonds do not display a drastic difference in the visibility of flaws than the mid-clarity stones.

The best way to get a good-looking diamond is to go for an eye-clean stone. These diamonds have no visible flaws from a specific distance. Look for the ones that are in the lowest possible grade yet clean in appearance.

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