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Why are 3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Chosen Often?

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
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The major highlight of a three- stone ring setting is that it adds more sparkle and creative personality to the stones. A three-stone ring is a unique choice if you got the ability to create an original design. 

About Three Stone Engagement Setting

In this setting, three gemstones or diamonds are closely set together. The stones can be of the same size, or the stone in the center may be the largest. This type of setting mainly uses colored stones for side accents. The many number of options available with three-stone rings make them a better choice for engagements.

Reason for Choosing a Three-Stone Diamond Ring

This type of setting is a versatile setting since you are able to personalize it. The three stones are set closely together and these are said to symbolize the past, present and future of the couple.  This way, it is meaningful as well.  You have an option to choose diamonds of the same size or of different size together. You have also plenty of choices to choose colorful side stones like rubies, emeralds and other categories of birthstones.

A  Setting for a Diamond of Any Shape

Three-stone settings can be made with any diamond shape and works best with Round Brilliants, Radiant Cuts, Cushions, Princess Cuts, and also with Emerald Cuts.

It is important to see that the stones complement each other.

Pros and Cons of Three-Stoned Setting

There are advantages and disadvantages for every ring style, even an emerald cut diamond ring. Here are some pros and cons that may help you to determine the right three-stone engagement ring for you.


  • Greater surface area of gemstone than one regular sitting
  • Available options of personalization with the stones
  • Enhanced appearance of the center-stone with properly paired side stones
  • Enhanced brilliance and sparkle


  • Cleaning and maintenance is required than a single stone design
  • The side stones can distract the beauty of the main stone when poorly paired

Where to Buy a Three-Stone Diamond Ring? Choosing where you will purchase a diamond ring is too often a tough question to find out. Most times, mortar and brick stores can overcharge you.  Getting diamond rings through reputable diamond dealers would be a safe and good option. These dealers usually maintain a collection of high-quality diamonds and settings. All diamonds come with an AGS or GIA certificate allowing you to trust them.

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