Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Why Are Halo Engagement Rings Getting Popular?

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Rings
Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Rings
Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Rings

You might have heard that the popularity of emerald cut halo engagement rings is increasing each day. Most people who are looking for an emerald-cut diamond ring choose a halo setting. When you decide to propose, you may want to buy the most beautiful and eye-catching engagement ring. That’s when you start looking for the type of diamond your partner likes. If your partner likes emerald-cut diamonds, then you need to make sure that you get the most beautiful emerald cut engagement ring.

Halo engagement rings will be the first varieties of engagement rings you hear when you start looking for emerald cut engagement rings. The main reason is that halo rings are the most popular varieties of diamond rings and many celebrities were seen wearing halo diamond rings, which increases their popularity further.

What Is A Halo Ring?

To put it simply, the halo is a type of ring setting. In this popular ring setting, the diamonds or stones will be encircled by a ring of diamonds. This ring of pave or micro-pave diamonds creates an impressive field or sparkle and shine. The diamonds can be arranged in round, squarish, or diamond shapes.

The band can either be yellow, white or rose gold. Sometimes the band of the halo setting may meet the center stone in a twisted, straight, or double-edged design. The stones arrangement of the band can create a more stunning glittering effect that can attract a lot of attention. If you like emerald-cut diamonds, then you can make an emerald-cut halo engagement ring to gift your loved one.

Benefits Of Halo Engagement Rings

One of the main reasons why many people prefer the halo engagement ring is that it can make the center stone looks bigger. This can be great as it will help you to save a lot of your savings. With a halo setting, you can buy a diamond ring of small carat weight that looks bigger at a low price, thereby saving much money.

The pave design of the halo ring can produce intense sparkle, which is very appreciable for a ring with a low price. In addition to that, the surrounding stones in the halo setting can provide additional protection to the center stone, thereby ensuring a long life for the stone.

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