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A Few Interesting Facts about Black Diamonds

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Black Colored Diamonds
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Black diamonds are the natural diamonds that are found in black color. They appear so because of the presence of clusters and inclusions of graphite in their structure. Like every other diamond, there are both organic and man-made varieties of black diamonds. Below are some of the most interesting facts about black diamonds.

Black Diamonds Absorb the Light

In contrast to other fancy colored diamonds that are famous for their reflective capabilities, black colored diamonds absorb the light that falls on them. Their only reflection comes from their polished surfaces.

They are Very Rare

It might be startling to know that only two regions, Brazil and Central Africa, are the producers of black diamonds. You may also note that in the past, these two regions lay close to each other.

They are Found in Alluvial Deposits

It is well known that diamonds are excavated from regions with Kimberley deposits. However, you find black diamonds near alluvial deposits too. These are sediments and deposits found near some of the running water sources such as a river.

Large Black Diamonds are Made of Thousands of Smaller Crystals

Usually, diamonds are a single structure with a common crystal structure but in the case of black diamonds, it is different. Millions of smaller crystals of black diamonds make up the big black diamonds. This phenomenon is known as a polycrystalline structure. This is quoted as the reason behind the dark color as well as the dark spots on the black colored diamonds.

Mystery Surrounding Black Diamonds

Due to the similarity of a black diamond to the eye of a snake or a spider, these were considered a curse in many cultures like in Ancient India. On the other hand, Italians believed that touching a black diamond was a good-luck charm.

Carbonado Diamonds

Black diamonds are also known as carbonado diamonds. The word “carbonado” means “opaque dark diamond”, and black colored diamonds came to be called by this name because of the presence of carbon molecules in abundance.

Carbon Isotope

Black diamonds are also known as carbon Isotopes. This means that they possess similar chemical element but have different physical characteristics. This is one of the reasons why they are more difficult to cut than other fancy colored diamonds.

The Toughness of Black Diamonds

The toughness level of black colored diamonds is the highest with a value of 10 on the Mohs’ hardness scale. The polycrystalline structure of these diamonds also makes them difficult to cut.

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