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The Different Variants In Emerald Cut Ring Setting

Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring
Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

The diamond shape and the setting of an engagement ring speak volumes about the style and personality of the person wearing it. Also, whether you choose to include a side stone or not, the ring metal and the orientation of the center stone affect the look. One of the popular shapes is the emerald-cut diamond ring, and this is because of their minimalism and elegant look that makes them timeless. However, they are not preferred by all because they are less brilliant than round-cut, princess-cut, and radiant-cut diamonds. Read on to know more about emerald-cut diamond settings.

What Is The Emerald-Cut Diamond?

The emerald-cut diamond is a highly desirable shape that is loved by people for the symmetry of its rectangular facets, refined look, and straight lines. Even though it is less brilliant, its subtle glimmer in light speaks volumes. Furthermore, this diamond-cut became popular especially during the time of the art deco movement, i.e., the 1920s.

Variants Available In Emerald-Cut Diamond Settings

One of the best qualities of the emerald-cut diamond is that it complements a variety of ring settings. Shared below are details about some of the emerald-cut diamond settings.

Solitaire Setting: The solitaire setting for emerald-cut engagement rings is a no-brainer as it can enhance the elegance and beauty of the stone. With this, the diamond will not go unnoticed, and it is ideal for brides who prefer minimalist styles. Finally, this setting exhibits the refined and subtle nature of the stone that it is known for.

Pave Setting: The pave setting can add sparkle to your emerald-cut diamond ring. Also, when compared to a simple metal band, this style has an understated and refined look that will help capture more light. Moreover, it can beautifully complement an emerald-cut solitaire setting.

Three-Stone Setting: In a three-stone setting, smaller diamonds are added to either side of the center stone, i.e., the emerald-cut diamond. This helps add sparkle, and it is an alternative to the pave setting. Also, there are different variations to this emerald-cut ring setting depending on the stone or gem, the orientation of the stones, the color of the stones, etc.

Baguette Setting: Nowadays, baguette-shaped diamonds are paired with emerald-cut diamonds because both have rectangular facets. As a result of this similarity, they form a natural combination and enhance the beauty of the emerald-cut diamond ring. Usually, tapered baguette stones are placed as side stones.

We hope that the details about emerald-cut ring settings will help in your purchasing of emerald-cut engagement rings.

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