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Why Is A Solitaire Setting Ideal For Emerald Cut Ring?

Emerald Cut Halo Ring
Emerald Cut Halo Ring
Emerald Cut Halo Ring

If you are paying any attention to the diamond market, you would have observed that there has been a significant increase in the popularity of a solitaire emerald cut diamond ring over an emerald cut halo ring. Any diamond cut will look great in a solitaire diamond ring setting.

A diamond solitaire is a piece of jewelry with only one gemstone in the position of center stone and no additional gemstones on the sides or shank of the ring. A diamond solitaire is a term that is usually associated with a solitaire setting. Diamond solitaires can be necklaces, a pendant, or any piece of jewelry with only one diamond, in addition to rings.

Reasons For Choosing A Solitaire Setting 

A solitaire setting is a lovely choice for those who prefer a simple and beautiful look. The simple design and relatively simple beauty are quintessential for any outfit and event. Everyone can choose their best-loved design, which ranges between slender and thicker bands. Since there are no other stones or ornate components to divert attention from the center stone in a solitaire setting, your emerald-cut diamond will stand out. As the quantity of the metal used in a prong solitaire setting is limited, there is much more diamond to see and extra light to pass through, increasing the brilliance of the diamond.

Due to the classic look and stable support, they offer for the center stone, the solitaire setting is an incredible pick for any diamond cut. The prongs of a solitaire ring will hold a diamond firmly in position irrespective of the size or shape. Solitaire rings are available in several styles and prong configurations.

Benefits And Drawbacks

We can safely say that a solitaire setting has a lot of advantages. Nevertheless, it also has many disadvantages that make you want to double-check your decision to buy the setting.

The diamond is elevated in a solitaire setting, making it more visible. It also lets a lot of light pass through the diamond, growing its brilliance and fire. It also goes well with a wide range of diamond shapes and sizes. It’s less difficult to keep clean and maintain, and it has a classic, timeless appearance.

One of the most significant disadvantages of the solitaire setting is that it can catch on home furnishings, garments, and other materials, particularly if the diamond is set very high. Wearers who lead an active lifestyle may benefit from a lower-set prong.

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