Do Face Masks Expire?

The situation playing out before our eyes seems to be ripped straight out of one of George Millers unfinished scripts! The COVID-19, Coronavirus seems to have taken the world by storm. Is really takes a while to wrap our head over how, one infected person in Wuhan, China ended up infecting close to 280,000 people in 166 countries and territories over the world? That too in a span of 80 odd days! It just goes to show how interconnected people and countries are. More importantly, it just shows how contagious the Coronavirus really is…

Since the outbreak, there has been utter pandemonium, with people making mad dashes to pharmacies and store to equip themselves with face masks. So much so, that many are unable to find and get themselves new face masks to wear. We are here to help you answer your question on the longevity of the face masks.

Nevertheless, the situation is certainly up in the air, and it is anyone’s guess as to how the events will unfold. Hopefully the tables turn and COVID-19 pandemic becomes another addition to our history books…

The Coronavirus

The pandemic under way is a strain of weak viruses called the coronavirus. It is a respiratory virus that causes flu like symptoms in its victims, and is highly contagious. It is predominantly present in animals, but when close interaction with animals and human occur the virus jumps to a human host. It is believed that a caged Pangolin in Wuhan, China was what initially contracted the virus. The pangolin is a scaly skinned mammal, which is a delicacy in many parts of China. The wet markets of Wuhan are where patient Zero is believed to have born!

Do Face Masks Expire? Can I Reuse Them?

The mode of transmission is predominantly aerial, through the respiratory droplets expelled from the infected person. The wearing of face mask is highly effective in preventing community spreads. But with a shortage of face masks, people are wondering if expired face mask are effective if at all. The answer is yes! They may be less effective over time, as the padding and the materials degrade as time passes. But these offer way more protection than wearing improvised materials or nothing at all! You can however not take the risk and get yourself brand new affordable good quality face masks from

Apart from wearing masks, be sure to practice social distancing and limit yourselves only to your homes! Isolate yourself and keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

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