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An emerald cut diamond stone usually has 57 or 58 facets, and is widely known for an effect known as “hall of mirrors”. One of the amazing facts about emerald cut diamonds is that it constitutes only 3 percent of the total diamonds. All through the years, the simple and classy look of these diamonds were adored which made to enhance its demand in recent years.

Reasons to Choose an Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald-Cut Diamonds are more costly than Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds for its clean look, amazing solitaire, and halo setting. The corners of emerald cut diamonds are cropped which reduces the chances of chipping. The elongated shape of an emerald cut diamond is mostly admired as it gives a slender and beautiful look for the fingers. Unlike in round brilliant cut diamonds, the top facet area of the emerald cut diamond is usually large and gives you an impression of a bigger size in equal carat weight.

What to look for in an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Ideal Length-to-width Ratio

Though the typical length to width ratio of an emerald cut diamond is 1.00:1.50, some people choose to have one that is more square in shape like 1.00:1.03. This can be a person’s choice and preference. Emerald cuts having the length-to-width ratio in the range 1:1.30 to 1:1.60 is also a good choice as these can give you a more appealing look.


The broad and open facets of an emerald cut diamond hold the color greatly. You will have to be careful while choosing the color grade of the stone. Grades from D to F are considered to be the best. They come with a premium price as they are at the top of the quality chart. One of the top suggestions for customers is to go for G color which offers good quality, value for the money you spend, and prevents you from having room for complaints.

Preference in Clarity

The flaws and inclusions of an emerald cut diamond can be seen easily because of the large facets. The most common advice is to go for better clarity or VS1 for better results.

VS2 Clarity in round brilliant cut diamonds is of very high quality since its facets can hide the inclusions very well. But the inclusions in emerald cut diamonds can be seen due to the large and open facets it has. For the same reason, going for VS1 or better clarity while choosing an emerald cut will be the best option.

Cut Proportions

The Gemological Institute of America does not certify the grade of Emerald cut. Most of the diamond experts agree upon its ideal cut proportions.

Polish and Symmetry

The surface finishing of the diamond is referred to as polish of the diamond whereas symmetry defines factors like how its edges are met, how even the girdle is, and how identical its facets are, etc.

Polish and symmetry of an emerald cut diamond give useful information about its quality, in the absence of a GIA cut-grading report. Choose an excellent polish and symmetry grade while choosing a diamond, and do not go below good levels of polish and symmetry grade to not compromise the quality of the diamond.

Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool Image Report

Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) image report is helpful to a large extent especially for people having less knowledge about the quality of diamonds. This tool was introduced by the American Gems Society during the year 2005 to evaluate the light performance of the diamond.

The brilliance and sparkle of a diamond are results of its response to light under different conditions, and it defines the cut of the diamond. The ASET image report is helpful to determine the quality of a diamond in the absence of a GIA cut grading report.

This is one of the most advanced methods through which is very scientific, and it is an easy method to understand the light performance of the diamond. It directly shows the return and leakages of the light in different colors, which usually causes dark patches and windowing in diamonds.

Red color stands for exceptional light return whereas green stands for reflective light return in the diamond. Blue color indicates the contrast in diamonds whereas the colors black or white shows light leakages. Always go for an ASET report to choose a diamond that has more green and red areas in it.

It is important to know that tools like Ideal Scope that are available in the market and not reliable diamond shapes like Emerald cut.

Ideal Setting

Emerald cut diamond appears to be simple but the diamonds can get very worldly when it combines with settings like Solitaire and Halo. Emerald cut diamonds are adored by most celebrities like Eva Longoria, and its demand has been growing in the past years for the same reason. Click to know more on emerald cut rings.  

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