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Why Choosing Loose Diamonds Is Better Than Getting Mounted Ones?

Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds

When getting diamonds, one of the common questions people often have is whether you buy loose diamonds or mounted ones. Purchasing mounted diamonds has its own perks, as it is an easy and convenient process, as you won’t have to face the hassles of setting them later. However, choosing to get loose diamonds can be more beneficial when considering a large number of advantages it can offer. Therefore, we list the reasons for you to consider loose diamonds instead of mounted ones.

It Allows You To Analyze The Quality Of The Stone

When getting mounted diamonds, it might not be possible for you to analyze the quality of the stone properly, as the metal and the setting can have a great impact on its appearance. But loose diamonds are free of such issues. You can analyze each quality attribute including the color, clarity, and cut of the stone well by getting loose diamonds.

This can be helpful to find out if there is any imperfection in your stone including tints, inclusions, blemishes, bow-tie effect, problems with the cut, and more.

Therefore, if you want to closely analyze the quality of your stone, then purchasing loose diamonds can be a better option.

It Is More Affordable

Buying loose diamonds can be more affordable than getting mounted ones. You can get cheap loose diamonds that can fit your budget. When buying pre-set stones, there will be only a limited option. Hence, it can be difficult for you to find an option that can fit your budget. Therefore, you will have to raise your budget or settle for something with less quality and size.

You Can Design The Jewelry To Your Liking

Purchasing loose diamonds gives you the freedom to set them on a piece of jewelry based on your likes and preferences. You can create custom jewelry designs that can fit your unique requirements. It will be possible for you to choose each design specification based on your needs by getting loose diamonds which might not be possible with pre-set diamonds.

More Options Are Available

Your options can be enormous if you buy loose diamonds. You can choose a stone based on different attributes including quality, size, shape, and color. But your options can be limited if you choose mounted jewelry, hence, you may not be able to find a stone that can fit your specific requirements.

Therefore, getting loose diamonds is a better option when compared to buying pre-set ones. So ask your jeweler for loose diamonds the next time you buy these stones.

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